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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-06 13:03

S2 Server time (UTC): 2020-02-22, 07:20 KOS/MetaGame

GG Boys

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Server and location:  S2 West of Topolin

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

Server time (UTC): 2020-02-22, 07:20

Your in game name:  Noah Russo

Names of allies involved:  @Eagle

Name of suspect/s:  @Cirtex @YAKMOUTH @poopslayerHP

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  None from me, @YAKMOUTH Stream Vod



Detailed description of the events:  Me and @Eagle were in topolin RPing with the locals. We then hear a full auto gun spray to which we investigate, upon arrival, We see nothing but down the hill we see red smoke and a bunch of people, we take cover into the trees and follow them, I then initiate on them and they all comply. After some extensive RP with @YAKMOUTH and @poopslayerHP we wrap everything up and thats when I got dropped without hearing anything. Mind you, we are in the middle of the woods, no land marks, nothing to suggest our location and we get found and KOS by I believe @Cirtex (Reason I have my suspicions is from the above screen shots) Logs should show who. If the person that killed me is not in fact @Cirtex then I have no other evidence of the person who did kill me and wish for the report to be closed as I wont be able to prove anything if its anyone else.

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Ramon here was finishing up the RP and about to let the hostages go all of a sudden Mason is seen freaking out I hear no initiation, his brains fly out of his head and I realized what was going on, I see the hostile and I drop the guy then tell the hostages to leave.


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Connection Logs

05:42:45 | Player "Noah Russo" is connected
07:16:23 | Player "Noah Russo" has been disconnected

04:58:21 | Player "Ivar Mericle" is connected
07:16:29 | Player "Ivar Mericle" has been disconnected

04:58:52 | Player "Ramon Pushkin" is connected
08:13:07 | Player "Ramon Pushkin"has been disconnected

05:07:15 | Player "Julius Hansen" is connected
07:16:29 | Player "Julius Hansen" has been disconnected

Hit Logs

07:16:04 | Player "Noah Russo" (DEAD) hit by Player "Ivar Mericle" into Head(0) for 110 damage (Bullet_308Win) with M1A SOCOM from 51.9095 meters 
07:16:10 | Player "Julius Hansen" (DEAD) hit by Player "Ivar Mericle" into Torso(34) for 110 damage (Bullet_308Win) with M1A SOCOM from 60.2069 meters 
07:16:13 | Player "Ivar Mericle" (DEAD) hit by Player "Ramon Pushkin" into Torso(26) for 110 damage (Bullet_308WinTracer) with M417 from 56.1685 meters 

Kill Logs

07:16:04 | Player "Noah Russo" (DEAD) ( pos=<397.4, 7579.0, 183.3>) killed by Player "Ivar Mericle" (pos=<346.7, 7588.2, 189.7>) with M1A SOCOM from 51.9095 meters 
07:16:10 | Player "Julius Hansen" (DEAD) (pos=<406.2, 7582.2, 182.8>) killed by Player "Ivar Mericle" (pos=<346.8, 7589.1, 189.5>) with M1A SOCOM from 60.2069 meters
07:16:13 | Player "Ivar Mericle" (DEAD) (pos=<346.9, 7588.5, 189.6>) killed by Player "Ramon Pushkin" (pos=<402.7, 7589.7, 183.5>) with M417 from 56.1685 meters 

Calling in the following to post their detailed POVs and any evidence they might have.

Noah Russo - @Masonn OP
Ramon Pushkin - @Eagle Posted
Julius Hansen - @Nic Sterba
Ivar Mericle - @IvarTheNarrator

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In Character, I was somewhat of a hostage myself, but had been told by @Masonn and @Eagle that I had to stay and help communicate with a hostage that was mute. As Noah had just returned from letting two hostages go down by the river, when suddenly shots were fired at us. I saw Noah go down and kept myself unarmed and laid down as to not engage in the fight, but then took a shot and was killed instantly. I heard no warnings to put my hands up and surrender or an indication that we were about to be engaged. Beyond my death I am unsure as to what had happened, but I know that we had no communication with the people that shot at us. 

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2 hours ago, Nic Sterba said:


We were near the edge of the map at the end of the river having a funeral for a close friend of Hectors. We fired shots off behind a treeline by said tree and someone put red gas on the ground as well.. We then walk in the woods and along the river back into town. Ivar (me) is almost always behind the group of people because I/he cannot stop micromanaging his back pack also at this point I was sick so I was trying to find the meds in my bag. I was also carrying everyones stuff at this point because Hector and Neo had died awhile ago... This is when they are starting to get held up down in the field I am still in the woods. I then cross to the opposite side of the river to get back to Zalesie to try and find some help. I get to Zalesie try to get in contact with anyone who might be in town to come No help was found there so I drop my back pack and start to sprint back to the river cross a little further back from the direction we were coming. I cross the river again and go deep into the woods and literally crouch walked and crawled for a great chunk of time. I was looking for them alone the treeline for I assumed with hostages they would not walk too far. I was crawling through the woods and then I finally hear shots at 0:24 in the above video posted at this point I have the general location where they are,, it is slow moving still for I do not want to be found. I make contact with the hostiles I see Mary on the ground with hands up still. I get behind a tree and using my loudest in game voice I do my full initiation. (I did this even though I was still sure I had defender rights from being with the group being held). Russo then pulls his gun at 4:38 and moves to an aggressively defensive position behind his tree facing in the exact direction I shouted from behind a large tree. IMO that proves he 100% heard the initiation (also if possible can an admin confirm if this would have been needed or did I have defender rights at this point I heard yes). Shooting then starts 6 seconds later. I see Russo go down, hear more smacks against the tree see blue lay down in a bush fire on that bush.. killed the second person which I now know was not technically hostile but did fire at me per his POV. I then get shot and killed by Eagle.


May I call in question the distance gun fire can be heard for we about 1400m from first bridge in Topolin on the west in a very strange non traveled location. The only evidence shown at the time was current time twitch chat showing someone was watching Yaks stream and to meet us in that position to me is suspect. I do not have video. I did not expect to need one my apologies.

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1 hour ago, IvarTheNarrator said:


You are correct you did have rights on me and Mason I was the only one that shot I'm pretty sure during that whole fight as you can see in he video the voip didn't reach the 3'rd guy who I pretty much forced to be there to save his sister meaning that there was no meta or KOS on your end on us.
If Mason want's to drop the report I'm fine with it.

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  • Sapphire

Thanks for clarification. I was sure but wanted to be positive. I don't think it reached the "mute" as well. Also had no idea .308 1 hit kills like that good stuff.

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The staff team has looked over the report and has decided to honor the OP's request for a closure. It's always great to see both sides talking out a situation and coming to an understanding with one another. However before we close the report we would like to add the following note, @IvarTheNarrator when engaging a hostile party, make sure you identify who is a combatant and who isn't. @Nic Sterba had no weapon out and as said in his POV was still technically a hostage due to being needed to translate for a mute. We hope you'll learn to properly identify your targets next time so no rule breaks occur in the future.

With that being said, /CLOSED

Closed by: @Inferno & @APositivePara

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