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[Livonia] Vehicle Location 121.1


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*You would pick up a transmission coming through just as it started, a gruff sounding voice on the other end*

Apologies for my voice, haven't spoken in a week or two. I just wanted to inform any larger groups of survivors of the presence of a GAZ box truck with several missing parts. If you have a radiator, spark plug, and wheel, you can get it moving. It's got some gas, no cargo, and seems to be in good condition all things considered. To all listening parties it is located at-

*The transmission becomes sloppy*

-short bit south of Nidet or Ninen. Something like that. Lots of dead military guys around but I assume anyone around will come prepared. Good day.

*The transmission would end, the voice sounding much clearer than before. Your radio would stop transmitting*

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