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Direct reference not allowed anymore?


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  • Diamond

Are you not allowed to reference things when it comes to topics?
With my recent points confuse me the topic was neutrality and the country that is the most well known when it comes to such is Switzerland anyone that actually read the thread would have known what it was about, similar to saying this guy said that or if someone is talking about raw shark and someone said you heard of Iceland? Or a simple no to questions/troubleshooting threads.
Or are paragraphs needed to simply give the idea of what is what when the obvious is there simply by reading the topic at hand.

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  • Legend

To answer your question simply, no. The idea that you're not allowed to reference something just because you got points for it once is wildly inaccurate. It was explained in your warning that your post must be held to a high standard and contribute something constructive towards the topic (and that your post did not meet this requirement). It was then further explained in your appeal that you would need to do more than a 1 liner for it to not be an UP. Your post didn't really build on the topic or add much to the discussion as it was a mere couple of words. This is likely why your appeal was denied as it needed to have more sustenance to it.

Tl;dr: yes you can reference things. Your post just needs to be more than a couple words. 

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