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Discord Ban Appeal


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  • Sapphire

Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A

Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is totally fair, as per the rules I have broken by talking about permanently banned players, which is not allowed.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Myself, and a few others were talking about the Saviours, after discussing the big firefights and what not. People began to talk about John M****y. Their former leader was being discussed, with a few members of the community that seemed glad that he was banned, however myself and GMAK thought that the removal of the one that we do not speak about, was quite harsh and removed a special dynamic to the server. This seemed to annoy John M****y’s former sidekick. I then advocated from bringing back John M****y. Which ultimately lead to my points, and then lead to my removal from the DayZRP Discord.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned from the Discord, I have thought through this and I would like prove to the staff members of the DayZRP Community that I can behave on the discord.

What could you have done better?: I shouldn’t have spoken about John M****y on the DayZRP Discord. I should’ve then realised that talking/glorifying permanently removed players was bad on the DayZRP Discord, and would result in myself getting in trouble.

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  • Legend

Hello @Challenger,

A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion of acceptance.

While we do not tolerate the glorification of banned players in our community, we see no reason to leave you banned from the Discord any longer, seeing that it's been a decent few days since your removal.  However, we would like to make clear that your actions were definitively in violation of rule 1.8, so your warning points will be still be remaining.  Promoting, glorifying, or otherwise praising a banned player or the return of them will always be met with points.

With that said,
Appeal accepted.  Discord ban removed.

Signed by @Peril, @Eagles, & @Scarlett


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