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Invovlement/IC vs. OOC/neutral group goals


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  1. Because someone came to me asking about it OOC and I handle things OOC
  2. Because someone came to me asking about it and I was able to quickly resolve the situation by PMing leaders of both groups that put the neutral group in the middle of their conflict
  3. I never said that, it definitely could have been handled IC
  4. I have not seen any indications that they are not a neutral group or that they are allied with someone
  5. Yes
  6. Group goals that stand for groups identity and core values should not be able to be changed due to strong arming ultimatums issued in game. That applies to all kind of groups. For example a bandit group should not be forced to change into a hero group "or else". A hero group should not be forced to become a bandit group and attack others "or else". A neutral group should not be forced to pick sides and throw away their neutrality "or else".

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5. I got sent information, based on that I sent a message to two other leaders, they didn't dispute validity of this information. What I was told about the ultimatum and conflict so far was the truth. It's not like I was lied to and did something based on false information. So I don't think I took one word over another since there was no another.

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