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S2 Hostage neglect/NVFHL


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Server and location:  S2 Ludkow Airifeld

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2/19/2020 03:54

Your in game name:  Raymond Jayson

Names of allies involved:  Chuck Rud

Name of suspect/s:  Another man named Chuck, other person unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  None

Detailed description of the events:  Approx. 5 minutes after clearing a horde from Ludkow, we come across a body. One man (who used text chat) and another approached us, making various comments of unimportance but with a textbook hostile approach. Wolves ambushed us, and this caused more infected to arrive; with both Chuck and I being virtually out of ammo, and untrusting of how the others were acting, we attempted to back away. They followed us, initiating almost immediately upon reaching us—Chuck fired back but was downed in the firefight. My character has been diagnosed with bronchitis and had a coughing fit as soon as they initiated; the firefight caused yet another horde of infected to chase us, where I was not allowed to fight back having to run away with them (and they made a lackluster effort to try to kill them). Running into the building I was ordered to, I closed the door behind me, in which the unknown assailant yelled “I didn’t tell you to close that door, motherfucker.” When I responded “I don’t want those fuckers to kill me” and they opened the door, one infected rushed me; I was punching it when Chuck fired a shotgun directly in my line, killing me.

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Hit logs:


03:53:37 | Player "Raymond Jayson" hit by Player "Chuck Baldwin" with Armsan RS-X1 from 4.70124 meters (7x)


Kill logs:


03:53:37 | Player "Raymond Jayson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Chuck Baldwin" with Armsan RS-X1 from 4.70124 meters 


Connection logs:


02:34:50 | Player "Raymond Jayson" is connected
03:43:14 | Player "Raymond Jayson" has been disconnected
03:43:29 | Player "Raymond Jayson" is connected
03:53:55 | Player "Raymond Jayson" has been disconnected

03:22:46 | Player "Kaine Kones" is connected
04:20:46 | Player "Kaine Kones" is connected
04:26:44 | Player "Kaine Kones" has been disconnected
04:28:14 | Player "Kaine Kones" is connected
04:34:55 | Player "Kaine Kones" has been disconnected

03:18:11 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" is connected
03:45:13 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" has been disconnected
03:45:46 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" is connected
04:02:01 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" has been disconnected
04:04:26 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" is connected
04:08:13 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" has been disconnected
04:09:35 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" is connected
04:15:09 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" has been disconnected
04:19:46 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" is connected
04:36:43 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" has been disconnected


Chat logs:


03:47:02 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): Did someone say chuck?
03:47:09 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): My name Big C
03:47:11 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): Hi
03:47:29 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): whose this guy?
03:47:47 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): I mean he did so does he need this stuff?
03:47:59 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): Is that your friend on the silo?
03:48:08 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): up there
03:48:45 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): was he trying to hide or something?
03:51:08 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): WAIT
03:51:37 | Chat("Chuck Baldwin"): EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP OR BE SHOT

03:16:43 | Chat("Raymond Jayson"): *a scratch on his face would be bleeding lightly*
03:42:03 | Chat("Raymond Jayson"): *he made a cross with his hand*
03:44:50 | Chat("Raymond Jayson"): //is that your body
03:45:15 | Chat("Raymond Jayson"): //that's... for... pvp deaths...?

03:44:56 | Chat("Kaine Kones"): //dont break nlr
03:47:28 | Chat("Kaine Kones"): //my bad
03:50:36 | Chat("Kaine Kones"): //CANT HEAR U


Position logs:


03:52:15 | Player "Kaine Kones" (pos=<4224.8, 10273.3, 241.9>) 
03:52:15 | Player "Raymond Jayson" (pos=<4222.6, 10272.8, 241.6>) 
03:52:15 | Player "Chuck Baldwin" (pos=<4227.8, 10268.5, 241.9>) 


Calling in the following to post their detailed POVs and any evidence they might have.

@Exio - Raymond Jayson - OP
@Dew - Chuck Baldwin - POSTED
@Apollo - Kaine Kones - POSTED

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First and foremost I want to apologize for what happened, it was a genuine accident and my intentions were quite the opposite of what ended up happening.

We had Exio hostage, but his friend hadn't complied so I shot and killed his friend. Because of this all the zombies in the area began running at us, and fuck me were there a lot. I only had a shotgun with a few rounds so I was trying my best to keep the hostage from getting mauled by the zombies. My buddy instructs him to get into the back room of one of the airfield buildings. He gets in the room and shuts the door. My friend then opens to door to get in too but one zombie runs in the room and starts mauling the hostage. I was outside the room still dealing with the zombies and see a zombie attacking the hostage, who I assume has his hands up, so I shoot the zombie in an attempt to save the guys life. I take on shot, killing the zombie but the bullet goes through the zombie and kills the hostage as well. Obviously it was an accident, I didn't think that the bullet would go through the zombie and kill the hostage as well who at the time, might I add, was wearing a plate carrier.

Again, this was an honest mistake as I was trying to save the hostages life, not taking it.

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So, we first encountered Chuck Baldwin after I had my axe glitched in my hand; I had to relog to pick my weapon back up. After so he didn't say much (because we didn't know his mic wasn't working and was TextRPing), then Kaine walked up shortly after and asked a few questions about the body on the group. Chuck Rud and I exchanged a few words with him ("pretty sure it was the infected that got him"), I didn't take anything from the body except like 2 7.62, and Chuck Rud might've taken something but I wasn't looking.

At one point, an obvious fresh spawn ran to the body, saying [paraphrased] "hey, this is a good friend of mine, you mind if I grab his stuff?" I'm unsure if this was the body's character or not, but Kaine immediately told him to "get the fuck outta here" and in OOC to //not break nlr. I incorrectly responded //that's... for... pvp deaths...? forgetting at the time that NLR involves any and all deaths--so it's a good thing that he listened to Kaine and decided to go away. (EDIT: to my knowledge he went away. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing, but I remember seeing him behind a gate for a short time; after the wolves arrived I didn't see him again.)

We didn't have a particularly aggressive interaction, fairly normal--but I could sense how they were acting and talking (I've been doing this a long time) that something was amiss about them. Rud noted several times that with the amount of ammo and supplies we had expended clearing the massive horde from the airfield that we "needed to get back to the hospital:" just as we were about to leave, wolves ambushed us forcing us to kill ~3 of them, which brought even more infected. By then, my ammo had been all but emptied, and having no weapons, semi-low blood, and being highly distrusting of their motives based on their demeanor and movements, Chuck and I attempted to quickly flee knowing something bad was going to happen. Of course, we were right; they immediately chased after us, and not but a few seconds after catching up Chuck performed the text initiation, at the same time Ray was having a coughing fit from the exertion affecting his diagnosed bronchitis. Chuck (Dio) presumably didn't know I had no ammo left, and expected me to fight back, and so gauging their weapons (something like a Vityaz and an Armsan) attempted to down them, but was downed back in the process and not having backup. Kaine continued shouting the order for me to "put [my] hands up or [he'll] shoot" in the midst of my coughing, and after I did, approx 3 zombies swarmed me. I put my hands down and pulled my axe out to try to kill them, to the chagrin of Kaine who ordered me to "stop fighting and start running." The entire time I'm being hit by them, they're vaguely shooting at the zombies, and I'm ordered not to fight back.

Finally, we return near the large hangar on the airfield where Kaine orders me to get inside--obviously expecting him to think that means "you stay in there and don't move, we'll secure the area." No, he meant "get inside and keep the door open" (as once I closed the door he immediately responded [paraphrased] "I didn't tell you to close the door, motherfucker") where he followed in behind me along with a zombie which rushed right at me. I began punching it directly in view of seeing Baldwin coming down the hill, who, without warning, from 5m away (a distance the sounds of punches and zombie groans can be heard for sure), shoots the zombie with a pump-action shotgun with me directly behind it, downing me in the process.

Edited by Exio
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We meet the two at the airfield and chat with them, I find a dead body next to them with them standing over the body. I tell them i ran into this person in town and we had a friendship developing, so I secure his gear. Moments later a fresh spawn sprints up and says the body is his friends, i mean hoodie jeans the whole freshie. I tell him to get out then go in ooc and tell him to not break NLR which he was doing, if staff could get the position log of the person and let them know not to do that. We speak for a brief moment before they seem to want to leave quickly then wolves show up and we kill them and they take off running. We chase, initiate one of them doesnt comply and dies then zombies crowd towards the gunshots so we start killing them, i instruct Exio to keep running away from the zombies and not to turn and fight them.

@Exio When a hostage taker is directing you to do something you do exactly what they are telling you, I told you to get inside. I didnt say get inside and close the door. Regardless, Dew comes in and sees the hostage is having a bout with the zombie so he shoots to kill the zombie but the shot went through the zombie and hit him. Ill be honest first time i ever seen that much penetration go through a zombie with a shotgun.

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A quick overview of the situation: @Dew and @Apollo are attempting to hold @Exio and his friend up at Gliniska Airfield. Exios’ friend goes noncompliant and is subsequently shot and killed, and upon the firing of their weapons the three of them begin to get overrun by infected. Dew and Apollo instruct Exio to enter one of the buildings on the airfield while they attempt to kill the infected. One of the infected makes it inside the building and begins to attack Exio, so Dew runs in and in an attempt to save the hostage shoots the infected with a shotgun, catching Exio in the radius of the pellets and killing him.


@Dew While we understand this was an accident your actions taken during the situation inadvertently got Exio killed. When using a shotgun, it should always be in the back of your mind that the shells you are using could easily penetrate an infected and kill whoever the weapon is being pointed towards. Seeing as you didn’t have rights against Exio because he had complied throughout the ordeal, this kill will be deemed invalid.


@Dew in the future take extra precautions if you see a hostage of yours being attacked by an infected. You stated in your POV that your friend opened the door which allowed the only infected attacking the hostage in, so you or your friend could have easily beaten the infected on your own while having the other person keep an eye on the hostage to make sure he didn’t try to go noncompliant on you. Pointing a weapon in the general direction of another player to save them from infected should always be a last resort, especially if there’s only one infected and your only available firearm is a shotgun.


@Dew | Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) | GUILTY -- EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES. 2 day ban, 5 warning points. Character reset.

In this particular instance Dew your intentions weren't to kill Exio, but given the state of DayZ that is exactly what happened. The punishment you will receive has been reduced and we ask that you be extremely careful going forward.


Signed @Eagles @Peril @Job

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