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[Livonia] A Time for Rest


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  • Legend

*Your radio pops and crackles to life, as a staticy voice issues through the plastic. The soundings of a young American girl as she speaks, her tone is somber,*

"Hello all ...

If you haven't heard, Dr. River is not going to be practicing for a bit. He ... Well, he to put it bluntly lost the use of one of his hands..."

*She takes a breath, before continuing,*

"For those who are friends with him, you know how important his work and his patients are. We are referring all active, past and current patients of his to Kings Ridge for reassignment and evaluation. 

We still have other doctors who can tend to your needs and help where they can. Despite this harsh time River is recovering in a undisclosed location for a undetermined amount of time. Please feel free to reach out to him if you have his private frequency.

Thank you for your time."

*Once more your radio falls silent, the static and voice fading into the air.*

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  • Titanium

*LT Petersen Presses the PTT*

"Upwards and onwards.. i saw him briefly before he left.. i believe i forgot to give him my best... if you have contact with him, let him know."

"Lt. Petersen Over."

*The radio goes silent.*

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  • Sapphire

*Callahan hears Ellie's voice and is relieved to know she is still alive and kickin', he grabs the radio and presses the PTT*

"Ah Doc Rivers, good guy he is! I'm sorry that Tommylee and I had to cut his hand off, it was better than him dying though... I hope to see the lad up and running around again soon. Will have to refer anyone I see to these King's Ridge for the time being. Where are these bais located around?"

*Callahan releases the PTT and sets his radio down before he puts his flat cap on and walks out to the town square*

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  • Legend

*Your radio springs to life, and the young girl from before chimes in at hearing Callahan speak, the soft smile upon her voice a audible expression which could be heard through her words as she spoke,*


You helped River?

Thank you so much, Callahan to you and your men, for being there when he needed help. I heard we managed to get one of our own toward him after the fact but who knows how long he would of lasted without your help.

So thank you for that.

Currently based? We're based out in To..."

*There would be the noise of rustling paper before she spoke again,*

"Topolin, the hospital. We've sort of set up there to help treat people."

*With that your radio falls silent.*

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