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What differences you see in gameplay Chernarus vs Livonia

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  • Sapphire

Well, only difference that is major is the environment interaction. Chernarus is old, but its mostly Veterans or new people, Livonia is more new and has the more "common" folk there for a fresh breather.

Chernarus as environment is hostile, destroyed, more war thorn than Livonia, with dangerous northern region in mountain reaches and bases hidden in wolf or bear riddled forests.

Livonia is more plains europe place, open, breathable, lots of overgrowth and ruined towns due to Russian attempt to invade, this land is dangerous in the south, but there are more military settlements in the region but more scarce. 

Livonia has the possibility to travel 360 around, chernarus forces you in the forest or off-road places, but Chernarus is more fit for a nomad living life on the move.

Livonia is a fresh breather than Chernarus for mainly the current and vet players. So it's all on you. Others can also give a better opinion why.

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  • Diamond

Non just a lot of rain 

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  • MVP
10 minutes ago, Highlander_V said:


@Highlander_V hit the nail on the head here. Not much more I can add. Chernarus does have a lot of urban cities compared to Livonia which as far as I know are just small towns, give or take a few medium size towns but I haven't had a chance to explore the whole region yet. And also the rain in Livonia is crazy so if you decide to go venture out you might want to grab your raincoat. 

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  • Legend

Livonia rains a ton more.

The change of scenery is nice but one thing i personally feel is that the map has a lot of repetition with some towns being almost copied, pasted and re-arranged. I love some of the new building styles and the river being the main spawn location means it's easy to know where you are / easily locate a town. 

Zombies are also more common in livonia, it's actually quite hard to survive early on if you're not careful. I also see a lot more wandering hordes on the edges of towns.

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  • Sapphire

Oh yes, as PositivePara and Eddie mentioned, weather in Livonia is ruthless, so if you looking for a challenge, it's the place for you.

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Apart from the weather and now super Saiyan animals ive found the gameplay in Livonia better just across the whole I think the RP has been better and the storylines between groups and players in my opinion have just gelled extremely well in Livonia. yes, Livonia is a breath of fresh air but I can see it staying a popular option over Chernarus

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  • Titanium

Chernarus = Gear whoring and no RP

Livonia = Gear whoring and RP

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