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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-05 14:02

S1: KoS in Livonia 2020-02-18, 06:31 

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Server and location: Livonia  2020-02-18, 06:31 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-02-18, 06:31 

Your in game name: Arthur Drake

Names of allies involved: @Myer @baked_fresh @Acfalle 

Name of suspect/s: unknown (wearing brown hunter gear, no arm bands)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  none currently 

Detailed description of the events: 

While coming back from a looting trip a friend mentioned someone had tried to get into a base he was in by unlocking the coded lock, the individual outside then asked if a “jim” lived there. Unfortunate Jim doesn't live there so he then asked for directions and was sent on his way to polona, but he went into the woods instead. Soon upon our arrival we found the same man outside the base with a shotgun saying he had found and killed someone which led to us asking questions about who, why, and where the body was. The individual had failed to answer all questions and then brought two of my friends into the woods where he continued to ignore questions and obviously lie about killing someone. One of our friends then asked for the man to remove his clothes so that he could be searched for weapons and other radios. At no point was this man taken hostage as he suggested that he would show us the body himself and we agreed. The person then said he was unclear where this body was which made the others suspicious of him, we didn’t threaten him until he failed to remove his clothes, he was only asked to show us what he had on him that we had a more clear idea of who he was. they searched him. He had NO radio as he had dropped it without a battery earlier.Soon we lost contact with the group in the woods, I went into the woods to find them but instead I found a person who called himself the “man of the woods” and that he was friends with the man we had found and wanted to know where his friend was. I ran off and told him to follow me but he only said he had questions for me and but I ran off as he made no attempt to answer my questions and I was alone at the time. I ran back to my camp and found my friends who had informed me of the situation that they also saw the “man of the woods”. My two friends then locked the man we had into a storage unit where I was standing. Once again the “man of the woods” made himself present. I tried to approach the man with my hand up but was killed immediately. I’m unaware of who killed me but they would have also not cared that we had their “friend” because they could have killed/injured him just as easily. If my story was unclear, the short version is I was killed immediately without giving any commands to release the person we had, nore were there any real threats made towards us. If I was told so neither I or my friends heard the commands. I’m unaware if they killed me for being affiliated with another group but if they did they would have used outside information to figure that out. None of the people in the compound have worn armbands once and we never told anyone who we were with.



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Connection Logs

02:53:00 | Player "Arthur Drake" is connected
06:54:53 | Player "Arthur Drake" has been disconnected

05:22:04 | Player "David OBrien" is connected
07:17:03 | Player "David OBrien" has been disconnected

03:36:31 | Player "Jay Thompson" is connected
07:41:28 | Player "Jay Thompson" has been disconnected

02:52:49 | Player "Ricky Gooben" is connected
06:54:53 | Player "Ricky Gooben" has been disconnected

05:12:20 | Player "John Walker" is connected
06:54:53 | Player "John Walker" has been disconnected
06:57:11 | Player "John Walker" is connected
-Still Playing-

05:20:41 | Player "Vex Piercer" is connected
07:34:16 | Player "Vex Piercer" has been disconnected


Hit Logs

06:31:25 | Player "Jay Thompson" hit by Player "David OBrien" with M67Grenade_Ammo into (-1) for 4.51013 damage (M67Grenade_Ammo)
06:31:25 | Player "Ricky Gooben" hit by Player "David OBrien" with M67Grenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5.93205 damage (M67Grenade_Ammo)
06:31:25 | Player "Arthur Drake" hit by Player "David OBrien" with M67Grenade_Ammo into (-1) for 50 damage (M67Grenade_Ammo)


Kill Logs

06:31:25 | Player "Arthur Drake" (DEAD) killed by Player "David OBrien" with 6-M7 Frag Grenade

Calling in the following to post their detailed POVs and any evidence they might have.

Arthur Drake - @BucketsFPS OP
David OBrien - @Caraham POSTED
Jay Thompson - @Acfalle POSTED
Ricky Gooben - @baked_fresh POSTED
John Walker - @Myer POSTED
Vex Piercer - @Deagle POSTED

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I join back in the game and check around our base because we were hit the previous nights while I was doing that i heard someone walking around our base i check the gate/door and i see someone messing with the lock I pull out my gun and didn't point it at him and ask what you doing he said I'm looking for a "Jim" well there was no Jim here or ever so I said there no Jim but my name is John and he told me where the nearest town and I said go down the road and you will hit one and the person walk off. Couple mins later i heard shots from the trees and I pull out my weapon and waited to go by and few more mins past the dude came back and said he killed and man while I was talking to him my friends rolled up and saw the commotions two of my friends took him and ask him to show the body they walk off and me and @BucketsFPS talked and figure out whats going on couple min later we didn't our friends for a while on the radio so @BucketsFPS went out and find them they all came back and Our friend saw the "man in the woods" down a scope our friend didn't try to shot the "man in the woods" they both looked at each other with there scopes and @BucketsFPS called the "man in the woods" out and a couple mins later I heard a explosion no warning nothing it was couples of @BucketsFPS talking then boom we quickly put the dude in a container and told him to stay til everything was figure out after a long couple of mins we let the dude go and try to get to figure out whats next.

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Me, @BucketsFPS, and another friend were coming back to are compound from a trip to find a man trying to get in are gate. After questioning he takes us to the woods where he said there was a body. After not finding a body we sit for a second questioning him more and then we see a man in the woods pointing a gun at us and then run off. After running back to base with the suspect we held him for more questioning. As were sitting there are friend @BucketsFPS randomly gets blown up by a grenade. We then let the suspect go because we had know idea what was happening 

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Vex Piercer POV:
Alright, Caraham laid out some key points about this whole thing so I'm here to give the facts about what happened and hopefully shed some light on the situation. 

Upon approaching the base after driving with @Caraham for about 15 minutes, I decide to crack the code since it is a 3 dial code lock. We had intel about a base south of Swarog previously and decided that if it still had a 3 dial we could crack it so I walked up and started the dialing. However once someone inside started talking I made up being a "Finn" and looking for a person named "Jim" at this exact location and asked for directions to Polana. Since it was 3 dial code locks and we didn't want to leave the base alone since there could possibly be a car or extra supplies for our group. We baited a gunfight in the woods, got lost for a moment and then went back to the base. I sat there for about 15 minutes trying to see if the man would leave before approaching and feigning assistance. Almost immediately a car with 3 people shows up and questions me extensively since they didn't like people at their base. They get suspicious of my radio and ask for it, gladly I turn it of and give it to them hoping that it would show willingness and peace. At this point I just want to GTFO because I've been caught and there is no way in hell I can make it out of this alive or without being robbed. 2 persons escort me into the woods where they want to search me, I decline saying that I don't have anything. Then one of them points a gun at me and makes it clear and obvious that he would kill me if I did not take off my clothing and equipment. They question me some more before David appears in the trees and spooks them, they put a gun to my back and say if he turns around kill him. They drag me inside the compound and into a storage container where they close the doors and ask what to do and question some more (yes there was a whole story I made up and I'd rather not explain it because its long/i forgot). Before the grenade went off, one of them said they spoke to David and said he was the "man of the woods" and wanted me. Since they had guns to me I wondered why he didn't shoot but alas it would come. Then one of them sees him and boom, while I'm in the storage container a grenade goes off and a man falls limp. The rest of the RP interaction happens, a little hostage taking and then I'm released well fed and with water.
Now to the point I want to make here:
1. I was validly initiated on in those woods, telling someone to take off their clothes and weapon with a gun to their back is an initiation, giving me and @Caraham Defense Rights.
2. The grenade was not NVFL as OP stated since the DayZ Devs finally fixed grenades killing through walls and being in a container like that would grant me decent protection.
3. I'd like to talk to OP and the group about any other issues they have with the situation at hand, this is clearly just a misunderstanding of defense rights.

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Edit: Clarifying Dynamic groups
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@Myer We require your full POV of the events that occurred. Simply just stating that everything that BucketsFPS said is true isn't a POV. You will be temporarily banned until you provide your full and detailed POV and any video evidence you may have.

@Acfalle Since you have played the servers but have not provided your POV you will also be temporarily banned until you provide your full and detailed POV and any video evidence you may have.

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My POV, I remember coming back to camp and a player was outside of our gate, we asked what he needed and he was acting a little suspect. then we saw someone in the trees and took cover, right when that happened I had a situation at home with my kids so I had to go afk for a while. When I came back @BucketsFPS was dead and I was informed that an m67 went off and killed him. we took cover inside base until it was clear, gave the player we caught outside what he needed to survive and asked him to leave the area.

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Thank you for your POV @Acfalle and @Myer, both of your tempbans have been removed.

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@Acfalle, @baked_fresh and @BucketsFPS,

Did any of you initiate on the other party? If so, which one(s) of you did?

Edit: By this i mean did you force him to drop his items for the search? You claim you locked him into a storage container, as well as threaten him yet you state you never had him hostage? Could you please clarify this for us.

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@APositivePara We took his radio off him and searched him. After that we went to the woods to find a body he said was out there. After not finding it and thinking hes lying a man in the woods was pointing a gun toward us (probably just spying threw scope)  so me, the suspect and are friend run back to base. We put him in a storage locker and took cover because we didnt know if that was his friends. He said over and over "Im not with that guy!"  and as were taking cover and questioning a grenade goes off killing @BucketsFPS. After blowing up @BucketsFPS they didnt do anything else, they just left theire friend  with  us. Im assuming they didn't really care to get their friend they just wanted to see if they could kill one of us with a grenade. After that we just let the suspect go and gave him food and water because we figured if that was really his friends in the woods they would have came and got him, not just throw one grenade and leave. They never said "Thats my friend let him  go" and the suspect told us he wasn't with anyone and he was scared. which is why we let him go even though are friend died for no reason. 

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I want to go ahead and clarify the timeline of events because of the above post.

1. They ask for me to turn off my radio and place it on the ground for their safety. I agree and place it on the group for them. (No hostile intent and I agreed)
2. After getting spooked due to not finding a body and multiple hard hitting questions, they decide to search me of any clear indication of who I am (i.e an armband)
3. I decline the search and state I have done nothing to harm them.
4. They ask for my weapon, I drop my weapon gladly (they still have not shown hostile intent at this point.)
5. They still want to search me after grabbing my weapon, I decline once again and state that I can't hurt them without my weapon.
6. One of them points a gun at me and tells me to do it anyways. (clear hostile intent)
7. I strip down all my clothing and they search it, since I had nothing in my equipment since I was preparing to grab gear they allow me to re-clothe.
8. At this point we talk for a small bit before @Caraham appears in the woods and points a gun at them.
9. The two get spooked again and put a gun to me and tell me to walk towards the compound, one of them clearly stating that if I turn around to shoot me.
10. Locked inside the container.

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Since we had taken residence in the base we have been hit everyday without exception, so obviously we had grown suspicious of who and why we kept getting hit when we were offline. Since one of the person who slept in the base was a streamer we suspected the person may be stream sniping, but I find this highly unlikely. 

  As we are all aware Deagle spoke to Myer while he was snooping around the outside of the compound, the conversation they had was short and he (Deagle) asked for directions to a nearby city so he was given the information and sent on his way. Myer watched deagle head into the wrong direction and deep into the woods which is when we were given a heads up and we decided to head straight home to investigate. 


Once we (me, Baked_fresh, and acfella) arrived we immediately heard talking from a person we didn't know, so Baked_fresh and Acfella jumped from the car and went to see what was happening. I then came around the wall a moment later with the car and saw Baked_fresh and acfella talking to the stranger. They found the man which Myer described trying to open our locked door but this time he said something along the lines that he was looking for a friend, and that his friend lived in this base. Deagle then said he killed someone who was on the hill and that another person was looking for him. Obviously the story was incredibly hard to believe so he willingly dropped his radio and took baked_fresh and acfella to the woods to find the body. Once in the woods they followed deagle and asked him questions about this person who he had killed and the other person which he said existed who was trying to kill him. Once no body was found Deagle was asked to remove his clothes, this wasn't so he may be robbed but to check he wasn't trying to hide a weapon and kill everyone, once the "man of the woods " was spotted baked_fresh and acfella took Deagle away to protect him as they believed this person may be the 2nd person he mentioned. At this time me and Myer were sitting in the base waiting for a response as the radios died. 


This next part is when semi unclear as the radios died and we didn't have communications with Baked_fresh or acfella. I then left our compound and went looking for my friends as I was scared the other gunman (be aware at this point none of us were aware this other person was friends with deagle as he said he was alone and in danger) had engaged on the stranger and them. I went up the mountain and in the corner of my eye I saw a man up the hill hiding behind the tree. I walked over and asked who he was....


On 2/17/2020 at 11:28 PM, BucketsFPS said:

I went into the woods to find them but instead I found a person who called himself the “man of the woods” and that he was friends with the man we had found and wanted to know where his friend was. I ran off and told him to follow me but he only said he had questions for me and but I ran off as he made no attempt to answer my questions and I was alone at the time. I ran back to my camp and found my friends who had informed me of the situation that they also saw the “man of the woods

At this time the friend of Deagle was unaware we had threatened him the when we spoke as caraham had asked "where is my friend" not "give me my friend or die" or anything that may imply that we had taken his friend, if he was aware he most likely would have shot me immediately as he had the advantage of the high ground, cover, and had spotted me far before I noticed him. As I said in my first post I ran back down the mountain and invited him to come done with me. When I arrived back at the camp Baked_fresh and Acfella had locked deagle in a container to protect him as they believed the story that this man was trying to kill him, but before we could even ask for the truth I was killed by a grenade. If caraham was aware his friend was a hostage, why didn't he shoot me on sight when he had the chanc and why would he throw a grenade which risked killing his friend. On the other side of the spectrum if he didn't know why would he have thrown a grenade at the four of us. Also I would like to know why would anyone engage an enemy if they have a hostage this isnt RS6. This seems like the person didnt value the hostages life from my perspective. As I was dead and not around I wasn't told what happen until the following day. From my understanding the person we had was let go because no one was able to clarify they were friends or why they attempted to kill everyone.  I find it highly unlikely that someone would pass on an opportunity to kill one person when they had a great advantage but would rather throw a grenade which risked killing the person they were with. 

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@Caraham [Invalid Kill (On Sight) + Attempted Invalid Kill x2]: Not Guilty. [Metagaming]: Inconclusive.
@Deagle [Metagaming]: Inconclusive.
@BucketsFPS [BadRP]: Guilty.
@baked_fresh [BadRP]: Guilty.


As a quick summary, @BucketsFPS and his allies have an interaction with @Deagle after he is found a couple times outside their base. Things turn hostile quickly after the revelation of Deagle having just killed someone. BucketFPS and his allies begin to take him into their custody wherein they threaten him if he does not remove his clothes, his weapon etc. Deagle's ally @Caraham later comes in to save the day by throwing a grenade at them, killing 1 and harming 2 of them in the process.

We'll start off quickly with the metagaming. There is no evidence to suggest that Caraham and Deagle were indeed metagaming in this instance. As such we have no choice but to find this matter inconclusive.

Moving on to the accusations of Invalid Kill, Caraham and Deagle had formed a dynamic group having been friends and roleplayed with each other recently. We find it very hard to believe there was no initiation in this situation. BucketFPS and his allies have taken somebody captive, by their own admission "threatened" one of the accused and have begun to strip him naked / remove his weapons. To say there has been nothing to justify kill rights / 0 hostile actions committed in this case would be wildly inaccurate. Therefore, when Deagle is taken captive by the OP's party, Caraham gains defender rights on the OP's party. He quickly uses these kill rights to grenade 3 of the OP's party. Due to this being a usage of valid kill rights, we find Caraham not guilty of any invalid kills.

Finally, we have the BadRP in this situation. Simply put, if you wish to search someone you must not force somebody to strip off naked. This is a simple form of BadRP. If you wish to search someone in future we recommend the use of emotes, for example: *He searches the man to find any weapons in his pockets* // Do I find any?. This way you have searched what is, in this case, effectively your hostage without having to strip him naked. You both will collectively share responsibility for stripping and searching @Deagle. We are unable to tell the full extent of any of your involvement with the "hostage" due to a lack of video evidence, but by both of your own POVs you admit to having been involved in searching Deagle. Due to 2 members of your party clearly taking part in the searching of @Deagle, by their own admission, both @BucketsFPS and @baked_fresh will be found guilty of BadRP.

@BucketsFPS & @baked_fresh if you do not wish to be killed it is very simple: Don't hold people up, lock them into a storage area, strip them and search them of their belongings. By Your own admission you held this guy up against his will: "we didn’t threaten him until he failed to remove his clothes." You are free to ask somebody if you can check them, search them etc. But if they refuse and your next move is to threaten them, take their weapons etc. this will be deemed a hostile action. 

@Acfallethe reason you have not also been found guilty is because you were AFK away from the situation when this mostly went down. If you'd have been present for the interrogation and been there for the stripping / searching of the hostage you would also have received a BadRP punishment.


@Caraham [Invalid Kill (On Sight) + Attempted Invalid Kill x2]: Not Guilty. [Metagaming]: no action taken.
@Deagle [Metagaming]: no action taken.
@BucketsFPS [BadRP]: punishment (5 days, 10 warning points) + character reset.
@baked_fresh [BadRP]: punishment (5 days, 10 warning points) + character reset.

Signed: @APositivePara, @Inferno & @JobScholten

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phoenix wright objection GIF by Cheezburger


05:51:04 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4729.2, 771.0, 398.2>) 
05:56:03 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4879.1, 848.0, 347.5>) 
06:01:03 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4879.2, 848.3, 347.5>) 
06:06:02 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4840.7, 859.4, 347.6>) 
06:11:01 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4597.0, 731.7, 417.9>) 
06:16:00 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4596.4, 731.3, 418.0>) 
06:20:59 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4596.4, 731.3, 418.0>) 
06:25:58 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4601.8, 735.2, 417.2>) 
06:30:57 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4820.3, 856.7, 348.2>) 
06:35:56 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4820.2, 856.8, 348.2>) 
06:40:55 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4820.2, 856.8, 348.2>) 
06:45:54 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4820.3, 856.9, 348.2>) 
06:50:53 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4820.3, 856.9, 348.2>) 
07:02:11 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4820.3, 856.3, 348.2>) 
07:07:10 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4823.3, 852.9, 347.9>) 
07:12:09 | Player "Vex Piercer" (pos=<4396.6, 1124.6, 430.0>) 

05:51:04 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<1373.2, 4845.7, 257.6>) 
05:56:03 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<2778.1, 2286.7, 432.3>) 
06:01:03 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4418.6, 1118.5, 429.6>) 
06:06:02 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4842.9, 860.0, 347.6>) 
06:11:01 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4839.1, 871.9, 351.5>) 
06:16:00 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4822.2, 873.9, 351.5>) 
06:20:59 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4828.2, 873.2, 348.1>) 
06:25:58 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4821.1, 871.8, 351.5>) 
06:30:57 | Player "Arthur Drake" (pos=<4820.0, 860.9, 348.1>) 

05:51:04 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<1372.5, 4845.4, 257.6>) 
05:56:03 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<2777.9, 2286.0, 432.4>) 
06:01:03 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4418.3, 1117.8, 429.6>) 
06:06:02 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4844.0, 858.5, 347.6>) 
06:11:01 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4599.9, 732.4, 417.8>) 
06:16:00 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4592, 729.9, 418.3>) 
06:20:59 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4597.7, 731.1, 418.0>) 
06:25:58 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4599.5, 734.1, 417.5>) 
06:30:57 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4829.4, 845.4, 347.8>) 
06:35:56 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4835.5, 866.1, 348.1>) 
06:40:55 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4829.4, 868.2, 348.1>) 
06:45:54 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4828.5, 873.4, 348.1>) 
06:50:53 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4821.8, 859.0, 348.0>) 
07:02:11 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4834.5, 874.2, 351.5>) 
07:07:10 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4824.7, 852.2, 347.9>) 
07:12:09 | Player "Jay Thompson" (pos=<4840.0, 866.8, 348.1>) 

05:51:04 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<1372.1, 4846.1, 257.7>) 
05:56:03 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<2777.1, 2286.2, 432.3>) 
06:01:03 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4417.6, 1118.0, 429.7>) 
06:06:02 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4843.5, 869.0, 348.1>) 
06:11:01 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4599.5, 736.9, 416.9>) 
06:16:00 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4597.7, 734.2, 417.6>) 
06:20:59 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4597.6, 734.1, 417.7>) 
06:25:58 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4610.3, 739.9, 415.2>) 
06:30:57 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4830.8, 845.4, 347.7>) 
06:35:56 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4826.8, 871.6, 348.1>) 
06:40:55 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4830.4, 867.7, 348.1>) 
06:45:54 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4825.9, 878.6, 351.5>) 
06:50:53 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4827.0, 861.5, 347.8>) 
07:02:11 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4834.1, 862.3, 348.7>) 
07:07:10 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4825.1, 856.9, 347.9>) 
07:12:09 | Player "Ricky Gooben" (pos=<4839.7, 867.4, 348.1>) 



The verdicting GM team errored in assigning blame in this report.

As shown in the position logs above, we are able to see this from the logs.

Based on the position logs and a reading of the report, it is apparent that the two players that actually were involved in the BadRP that stripped @Deagle were @Acfalle and @baked_fresh. @Acfalle you state that you went AFK and had an RL emergency. We are giving you the benefit of the doubt that this wasn't an active attempt to lie to the staff team, and that you simply didn't address in detail what happened in roleplay with the person and were referring to going AFK once you returned to the camp. In the future please be more detailed in your POV's.


We apologize for the inconvenience to @BucketsFPS.


@BucketsFPS [BadRP]: punishment (5 days, 10 warning points) + character reset. Overturned in appeal by @Roland

@Acfalle - BadRP - Guilty, 5 day ban and ten warning points + character reset.

Signed: @Rover, @Hofer

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