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*A surprisingly strong signal comes over the radio*

Hyello, can anyone hear me? Oh well. Am just putting this out to let the people of Livonia know, if you ever need help, contact me on this channel. I will help however I can. Is this thing even on? Hyello? Oh well.”

*the radio drops to the ground and goes silent*

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*The voice on the radio seems tired, but the overall quality of the transmission is good*

"Hello there, stranger. It's good to hear your transmission, but beware - people are more suspicious of good samaritans then some random shitheads. And to be honest I don't blame them, just take a look outside the window... Depending on what help will you be offering, we can try to provide you with some logistical support, so you can focus your efforts on your goal, instead of doing risky scavanging runs etc. Would you like to know more? Tune in to 106.7"

*Transmission ends*

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*The Radio cuts back in*

"Hyello again! I have couple questions. Who is this we? Just need information first! Otherwise, I'd love to contact you!"

*Radio cuts out*

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*You can hear the same tired voice on the frequency*

"Would you feel more comfortable if I said "I" rather then "We"? Me and couple of my friends try to reach out to lonely survivors and settlements in need of supplies drop offs, scouting or just where hard work is needed to be done. It's mostly volunteers, as manpower is being stretched thin through whole Nadbór Region. Everything is explained in the self-repeating recording that you can hear on frequency 106.7. You'll find more answers to your questions there."

*Transmission ends*

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