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Report Closure


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Why was this report closed?

Mystery asked to close the report as long as all sides agree. Watchman disagreed by saying "No" as you can see here in his reply.

This should have been honoured and the report should've remained open.


Edit: @Peril it has always been the case that the accused must agree to close a report. Not just the OP.
He only has to make a new report if he wishes to counter report, not if he wishes to remain a report open.

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Report closure is done exclusively between the Game Master team and the OP of the report.  It can be accepted or denied at the discretion of the GM team, regardless of input from the accused.  If the accused in any given report feels as though rulebreaks on the part of the OP or friends have not been fully explored, they're welcome to file their own report.

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To address the edit:

The current operating procedure of the Game Master team, handed down to us by the big man, is what I have described to you in my original post.  If there is issue taken with that, it'll be up to an Roland to address.  That being said, the accused party of a closed report is more than welcome to file their own report regarding rulebreaks they wish to have investigated if they choose to do so.


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