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Redwood Radio - Offering housing!


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*Jan turns on the broadcast console and starts speaking into the microphone*

''Hello folks out there. Depressed Cowboy here again from Redwood Radio.
Today I've got something special to tell you all. We as a group are starting to worry more about people out there. These days the streets of towns that used to be filled with people seem deserted and empty. There is a couple places left with people, but they are hard to find and most of Chernarus seems to be in hiding. 

We as Redwood Radio have been thinking on how to bring people together or atleast help them out... That is why we are now offering the following.
The last few days some of the Redwood radio people have been out there trying to secure houses around the lands for people to live in. 
We are offering these places to people in need.

So if you are interested in getting a relative secure home near other people. Let me know!
Depressed cowboy over and out.''

*Jan stops the broadcast and hopes for people to respond*

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*Logen's radio scratches into life, waking him from his fitful slumber*

*Logen Listens to the voice and makes a deciscion. He presses the PTT and replies in his soft  monotone voice:*


*Clears throat*

"Hello. I have been wondering the North West for days on end. I have seen very few people, and I fear my sanity is starting to slip. I cannot say for certain that I wish a place to call home... however, I could use information and a safe place to hold up for a while"

*Logen releases the PTT and goes back to sleep*

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