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[Livonia] Livonia Killer


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  • Sapphire

*Callahan is sitting at his desk as he writes in his journal, he stops and grabs his radio as he presses the PTT*

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Callahan McDuffin. I am sure that loads of you had heard about the Livonia Serial Killer lately. I have taken upon myself and my group, An Pobal to seek out this killer and put a end to his shit. If you have any information about this killer please contact me immediately. Thank you and stay safe!"

*He releases the PTT and sets his radio down as he continues to write notes about the Livonia Killer*

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*Presses down on the PTT* Evening Callahan, this is Zoe. There is quite a few of us who are working on this currently, we do meet up often to exchange notes and brain storm. If you are interested I can contact you when the next meetup is due to happen. 

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  • Sapphire

"Greetings, Mister Callahan McDuffin, my name is Daniel Constantinescu, Corporal of SECTION-20. 

We also kept tabs on Andreas Mata, also known as the Livonia Killer. We named him "Whitemask"


Unless it's another we talk about, Andreas Mata is known to wear black, a poncho and a white ballistic mask, he was last seen around the area of Radunin and suspected around the ruined towns. The individual is very careful in not being spotted by large groups and will use rubber ammunition to knock survivors unconscious and do hideous acts on them, we also have suspicion he is targeting young individuals.

Another location he might scurry is the northern forests of Topolin.

If I am not mistaken, he might also be tapped in on radio frequencies, but that cannot be confirmed and he seems to love being in the center of attention, perhaps why he is causing these crimes, to be put in a spotlight and enjoy being hunted. My only advice is to stay together in groups, disperse in teams of two or more, never be isolated. 

That is all I can offer, Daniel out."

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*Zoe hears Corporal Constantinescu over the radio, she presses down on the PTT*

"Afternoon Corporal Constantinescu, have you had contact with the killer, or have you found any vicitims? If so can i ask you a few questions in regards to your findings? I would also be willing to provide you with all the information I have collected."

*Puts her Radio in her bag and climbs down from the ATC tower*. 

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  • Sapphire

"Greetings, ma'am. Unfortunately, only from what we heard. Crimes committed by Whitemask include torture, beating up hostages and recently on the waves was word that two young females and an aged man were found. 

None of my men came across Whitemask, even if they did, we had the task to seek and eliminate. So far we were unlucky.

Only man I know has met with Whitemask goes by the name Jim Price, Former Captain. I do not know his whereabouts nor his location.

Another important thing is that Whitemask is suspected of consuming pain reducing drugs, as he was able to walk off from a shot of a 5.56 or more, either that or he is packing with multiple plates in his vest. I advise to keep distance when engaging as his shots are accurate and will aim for non-lethal, therefore avoid close quarters."

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  • Emerald

*As he eats his last slice of pumpkin he hears some interesting news over the radio, he finishes the slice and presses down his PTT*

''We have encountered this individual twice now, but never got a clear view of him, he was both around the prison and in a town called Radunin.''

''Both times trying to shoot us with a high-powered 5.56 rifle. We also found a booby-trapped shed with a body strung up inside in quite a disturbing way.''

''You won't simply find this man, he will just find you, as he did with us. Leaving behind clues and notes for the individuals he is targeting.''

*He releases the PTT and grabs the killer's notebook*

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  • Legend

Fae's voice comes through the radio, filled with static. Her voice is quiet, and it sounds as if she speaks through bared teeth due to pain.

"You won't find him until he wants to be found. He's closer than you think, chances are you've all been in extremely close proximity but have no idea its him. 
He's watching everyone who's interested in his... "art work" and keeping tabs on them, as far as I can tell..."

She mutters under her breath as she moves slightly in the makeshift bed, groaning somewhat.
"Everyone's a fuckin' detective now eh"

She speaks into the radio again, 
"Fucker is making a game for the whole country and y'all are playing into it. 
He wants this. He wants y'all to see what he's done and he's loving the attention.
You ain't gonna find him, all you can do is just hope you're not a person of interest to him, I guess."

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  • Diamond

*presses ptt*

Aren't we all serial killers?

Who cares if some random  man seems to run about killing?

you do it I do it, let' start hunting everyone that kills and pretend we're heroes.

*takes a swig and release the ptt*

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  • Diamond

*Drew presses the PTT*
Killer's already dead, quit wasting your time.

*he releases the PTT*

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