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Appealing my character restart

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Why the verdict is not fair:  I just had to wake up for work early. It was late and i didn't think it mattered if i asked the hostage takers if i could log off cause i didn't have anything on my character besides my clothes. I already lost my guns and ammo i spent 2 weeks looking for prior to the encounter. i just don't think a second character wipe is really necessary almost a week after the encounter happened and another week of farming taken away.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  The situation started around 11:30 pm - 12:00 am where i live. I was already getting ready to log off for the night due to having to wake up for work in 5 hours. then the encounter happened. they took me by the lake and i was assuming it was going to be a quick robbery as they only wanted my guns and ammo. I figured i would quickly RP the situation out and after they set me free id go back to the soup kitchen and crash. Well then Punchie and his buddy rolled up, and wouldn't leave peacefully with his buddy, ending in the capture of Punchie and his buddy dead, Thus elongating the RP. Anyway i decided that instead of being a bad RP'er and just giving them the guns and ammo and asking to dip out i decided to bite the bullet and play out the encounter. After about 30-40 minutes after the encounter started is when i killed Punchie. They said i could go and was free after i killed him. so i left after that. I had no guns besides an empty G-18 Glock, and Punchie and his friend were dead. They set me free, so i thought that the RP had ended. so i went back to grab my backpack they left with my food in it and log out. All other remaining hostages in the encounter were dead, and the Hostage takers set me free. i had no intentions of combat logging.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to try and appeal my character restart.

What could you have done better?: i could have messaged the people who took me hostage and asked if it was OK to log out.

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It doesn't work that way. Character resets are part of the report punishments now. You have to either appeal your whole warning or nothing.

As for the warning the combat log is clear from the logs and the timestamps. You need to wait out the timer or ask permission from the opposite party.

Final words; Roleplay isn't about your gear or how much time you spent gathering it. Stop worrying so much about it as it all can be replaced. Roleplay cannot be replaced.

Appeal denied

Signed by myself with notes.

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