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This question came to mind when I though about people raiding my home, if a random comes and attempts to break the lock I tell him to fuck of the lock he responds with fuck you bud and continues I by your rules could shoot him right?

But what if I don't and rather initiated on him after two "fuck you bud" would that be classed as baiting or valid?

@Rover your explanation makes no sense because If I had rights to kill him I never had to initiate and allows me to simply play on rules to ban people.

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By making the man trying to break your lock aware that it is your home, you are home, you have fulfilled the criteria to shoot him if he keeps trying to break in.

He knows its your place. He knows you are home. Attempting to saw/brute force your lock is a hostile action at that point.


If you initiated on him to be safe, he still has to initiate himself as your initiation was 'baited' out of you. It protects you, but does not protect him or his allies.


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4 hours ago, Eagle said:

@Rover your explanation makes no sense because If I had rights to kill him I never had to initiate and allows me to simply play on rules to ban people.

Let me try to explain it better!

As a staff team, something we have always said and preached to people is "When in doubt, initiate." I had never thought or heard of a situation where this practice would be to the detriment to the person initiating, until some baiting incidents recently. I believe the sentiment is shared among the rest of the staff team that we don't want to punish people for following that creed. So I'll clarify below:


If someone is trying to break into my base, knows I am home, and knows that I live there, he is committing a hostile action against me. I could just gas him, sure. But as we are a roleplaying community, and as most people don't want to get banned, most people wind up initiating. Just to be safe, just to protect themselves, on the off-chance the persons actions aren't seen as baiting. This results in two possible outcomes:

1) If the staff team sees the persons actions as baiting, they will process it accordingly. The Base Owner is safe.

2) If the Base Owner initiated to be sure, and the staff team saw the other players actions as not baiting, the Base Owner is still safe because he initiated just to be sure.


As for the whole playing on rules to ban people; No one would be banned if they didn't bait the initiation. If someone chooses to initiate on hostile parties trying to break in/jump over their walls to be safe, that is an initiation gained from a rulebreak of the hostile party. Therefor, kill rights for them aren't valid. So if people don't want to get banned, they should stop baiting a base and initiate first. That way, they won't be banned for baiting. Or if they are initiated on by the base owners, initiate back so that they have validly gained attacker rights.


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