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Ban Apple


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: Because the verdict completely contradicts what was said in the report, let alone it isn't BadRP to say," black person," in a non-trolling manner, because it was apparent through the fact that I wasn't hit with TrollRP, because there was reason behind the anger and insults on our end. I'd probably have been banned if I said," Fuck you, retard," because the R word bad too. Cursing bad.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:


In this snippet of the reasoning behind my ban, I am accused of ignoring him because he," Isn't happy with what is being said OOCly." All the guy literally had to do was ask us to stop using this verbiage and we would've done so, but instead despite the transcripts below, he complains about it. Never asked us to stop. The guy can speak English, he knows how to communicate back and forth between us clear as day but he never requested that we stop. I shouldn't be responsible for depicting what he is and isn't happy about, because I'm damn sure he wasn't happy about losing his gear too, so should I give it back?

Was I banned for saying," black person," at all, or because I called him a," Stupid black person," when we executed him and ended the RolePlay? Did I miss where I was told to stop and ignored it? Because to me, and everyone involved it seemed like he was complaining and continuing to want and urge death over RolePlay.

  • 05:47:09 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //thats so ridiculous
  • 05:47:20 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //im not going to play with people who use the n word
  • 05:48:22 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //oh im still in character, but this is ridiculous. retard, faggot, and black person. ridiculous.
  • 05:48:37 | Chat("Yannick Baros"): //could have done that tone without using that dumbass shit

Furthermore, what the hell is this? 98c37ecc93a4447961c3c0f4ed678055.png

So, by this logic, I can ONLY say," black person," if someone is black? What? black person is an insult, Nigga is slang, I can use either or to anyone regardless of skin color and it would make sense. If I wanted to RP a racist in game, I can say," Sand black person," in reference to someone of Arabian or Middle East origins, or I can say," black person," as a demeaning term to someone to make them feel lesser than my character. What the hell kind of mental gymnastics were done for this reasoning? Are we placing skin color holds on words now?

Lastly, I'd like to leave this tidbit here: 


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points because they weren't appropriate.

What could you have done better?: I don't think I was in the wrong. I did everything I could to extend the RolePlay and allow the guy to survive the hostage situation. He gave up on us, so we gave up on him.

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Greetings @Hollows,

A separate team of staff members have taken a careful look at your appeal and have come to a conclusion. Your argument seems to ultimately come down to the comments made by Roland making it clear that racist roleplay is acceptable, to which is very much is. The issue here is that whilst in character your are using racial slurs whilst speaking to a white character, whilst also playing a character that isn't racist to the extent that you were during this roleplay. The fact the the OP of the report didn't like the comments being made wasn't a problem at all either as you are allowed to be racist, but just not to the extent that you were as your roleplay came off as "edgy" and "immature". Next time we advise that you tone down the amount of racism and profanity that you are using when not on a character that is racist as we deem this as BadRP.

With that said,
APPEAL DENIED | 5 Day Ban, 10 warning points + Character Reset REMAIN

Signed by @Saunders, @Fae + @Scarlett

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