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Can't find server in the browser.

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As the title says, I am having a small amount of trouble locating the server to connect onto in the server brower.

After typing DayZRP.com (and a variety of other versions) into the community server browser, there seems to be no results.

Any suggestions on this?


Capture - No Server-min.PNG

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I personally have the same issue where the DayZRP servers do not show up in the server browser. I've changed my parameters in the DayZ Launcher to automatically connect to the server, alternatively you could join the server using the DayZSA Launcher.

Here are the parameters that I have set in the DayZ launcher;


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Hey there mate, thanks for the nifty reply.

Just applied these settings.

When I load it up, I get a message saying "Connecting failed, an unknown error has occured ".

Cheers again.

Connecting Failed.PNG

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What server are you trying to join?
The server port is different for Livonia and Chernarus.

  • The server port for Chernarus is : 2300
  • The server port for Livonia is : 2400

Make sure that you have installed and loaded all of the mods necessary to play on our servers. You can find a collection including all of the mods here. Simply click on 'Subscribe to all' and it should automatically subscribe to all the mods required.

Using the DayZSA Launcher that I linked above should automatically install and load all of the mods necessary.

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Hello again pal.

Just re-checked everything due to my suspicious nature, and I noticed that I hadn't put the S in the "s1.dayzrp.com".

This is booting straight into the Chernarus server now.

Many thanks, and have a good night!


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