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Worktables removed?


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  • Emerald

Was it removed, Or is this on the mod devs end? They were the center of my trading post, I would use the item slots and RP as if it was on the table... So i could throw up my items and see his offer instead of dropping it on the ground. RP using it to repair items and weapons etc. I wish it was a solid object, regardless It really helped with immersion and the quality of the roleplay.

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Worktables as far as I know have not been removed, however the latest update may have inadvertantly deleted them. There has been reports of tents being deleted by the latest patch so I'm guessing that unfortunately the worktables may be in the same remit.

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After last patch I've built worktables and wood storage without a problem. That being said, they've dissapeared very quickly - first woodstorage after... a day? Then worktable dissapeared after 2, maybe 3 days. Due to people exploiting gun attachment on that table that has been recently removed, maybe the tables have a shorter persistance timer even after fixing the attachment problem? Or can't you construct them at all?

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  • El Presidente

We need to update loot table to the latest mod update, I think the mod author changed some classnames. It's a server side change however, so it can be done fairly quickly. Soon™.

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  • Emerald

Thank you for the replies. The exploitation end of it makes sense, Now that i think about it it's better as a non-solid object..Only holding one weapon/axe, a knife and storage space smaller than a storage crate makes it easier on the server/loot table than other storage items so exploiting it on that end does not seem as much a concern as using it as a AGM tool if it was a solid object. But that's not why i posted

I did not intend to raise AGM concerns in this question, I strongly feel this single piece of furniture can improve your roleplay and immersion with the environment/players and i was worried something happened, It can turn a empty shed into a home..a trading post etc. Detail like that makes all the difference.


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