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Flu & Strep Season (Open Freq.)


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*River is sat down inside of a cozy house, warming her feet by a nice fire. She reaches for her radio and presses the PTT*

This is River from King's Ridge Medical. As many of you may have noticed, we have seen a sudden increase of flu and cold like symptoms. Given the temperature outside, I can somewhat pinpoint what quarter of the year we're in now. It looks like Flu & Strep Season has found it's way to us.

Stock up on medications and try to stay away from anyone showing symptoms. For Strep symptoms such as a painful throat and fever, I highly suggest Penicillin or Amoxicillin. Always check for Penicillin allergies first though. A good alternative is Tetracycline or Cephalexin. The same goes for Flu Symptoms. Note that a Cold is not a Flu. Do not take antibiotics for a common cold.
If symptoms persist or increase in severity, contact King's Ridge on 99.1hz and we will be able to arrange an appointment.

*She releases the PTT*

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*He sat up a bit to reach for his radio but forgetting he was underneath the car he banged his head. Wincing in pain, he pressed the PTT*

*ACHOO* "Yeah!... what uhh... *ACHOO* "She said...!" *ACHOO*

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