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Hello survivors,

I'm finally back to playing Dayz after another long pause. Dayz and I have kind of a love / hate relationship, so sometimes I need a break. I'm not new to roleplay and have already played around 1000 hours, mostly on german roleplay severs. Dayz was the first time I ever roleplayed and since then I couldn't stop anymore. I already registered and got whitelisted a while ago here, but never really got started. Now that I have a lot more free time I decided that I'm giving Dayz another chance (I never learn lol). Why am I here and not in another german community? Well, I didn't really find a comm that offers the kind of experience that I'm looking for and most of my old roleplay pals are now playing here like @Franny @Revie @LeFoxx or @Whiteshadow71.

I'm looking forward to another eventful 1000 hours of roleplay and madness and I hope to see you all in game!

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More victims are always welco- 

I mean what ?

nice to see you around again!

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I have heard that Name before ?,Welcome.

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So you returned... ready for dragging my character back from Prison Island again cause she can't swim? XD
Nice to see you here!

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welcome to the community hope you have a blast here


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We are glad to have you back. Welcome! 


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None of us ever learn, we all have communal Stockholm Syndrome for this piece of work game.  Welcome back ?

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