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[Livonia] Open Freq. - Radio Tower


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  • Sapphire

"Evening. This is Corporal Daniel C. of Section 20. I can offer you any information regarding the Radio Towers, but in a secure and private frequency.


Awaiting your response, over."

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  • MVP

Marek takes a moment to sit down at a bench in Grabin before responding to Phoenyxx

"Phoenyxx! It's Marek, there was a man that you told me you met when you first arrived in the region, his name is Franek. He is known as Radioman by some. He will be your best bet to find a working radio tower as he knows the region well and would be able to guide you to a working tower. If you so wish I can get you in contact with him, you have my frequency so feel free to get in touch with me and I can get you his frequency."

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Your voice sounds familiar, like someone I met in Gliniska a week or two back. We talked about the current residents of this country and our feelings towards them. If you are who I think you are, then I gave you my frequency before we parted ways. If not, then I dont have anything to share with you anyway. Get in touch. 

As for the Corporal, I'd love to discuss your willingness to share information about my tower with a random voice on the radio. So hopefully you will he in touch as well.

*you hear the clip of his radio to his bag before he releases the PTT*



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