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Where to find .357 ammo?


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When I heard the Devs are bringing back the repeater, I was pretty happy. It was one of my favorite guns.

However... it seems to me, the ammunition is pretty hard to find. I put a some hours into the game the last 2 days, searching all over the map and only found one box. The gun itself seems to be as common as the others civil weapons, which is fine to me.

The repeater wasn't/ isn't (?) a very strong weapon. So my Question:

Is the ammo scarcity really meant to be ? Or is it only my bad luck?

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It seems to be really rare atm.

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It's there, but the problem is that there are lots of other items that spawn in the same locations this ammo spawns. 

It's buried there, you just need to keep looking for it. 

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