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Hector presses his PTT on his radio and speaks on an open channel.

"Hello amigo...Tim Tumbo from Kenya!...your familia is looking for you..if you hear this...know we will continue to look for you...be safe lone Wolf."

Hector passes his radio to the men and says aloud.

"Repeat that message and find this man, we will help him..we will." 


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Tembo rested his axe against the tree stump and patted himself on the back after all the chopping he accomplished. After whipping the sweat from his brow, he headed to his safe house and plopped himself down to rest. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed the radio that lay on the table and channeled through the feeds until one caught his attention! Wide eyed, he fiddled his thumb to press the PTT and shouted,

" Hallo! Amigo I am here! This is Tembo - This is Tembo! I am ALIVE!"

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