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[Livonia] An auto-repeating transmission [106.7]

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While browsing the radiowaves you stumble upon frequency 106.7

An auto-repeating transmission 106.7.MP3

he transmission goes silent, only static can be heard. After half an hour it can be heard once again, as transmission repeats itself




While browsing the radiowaves you stumble upon frequency 106.7, where PSA emergency signal comes to life. After the signal ends a voice can be heard:

"Hello, Nadbór Region. This is Papa Bear bringing good news for stranded or lonely survivors. First of the care packages has been set up in a highly trafficked area of Gieraltów. If you'll find yourself in trouble, lacking food or basic supplies, seak out the church tower. On the square in front of it, near the water well, you'll find most basic supplies - food, purification tablets, maps of the region, batteries, sets of needles and threads to fix up your equipment and some wood to get the fire going. The care package has a roof above it for you to take a shelter. Be not misguided - we can't guarantee you won't encounter any infected around it. We will do our best to re-supply packages as often as we can but please take only what's necessary. If you have a house or a settlement in need of supply deliveries - reach out to me on my personal frequency 107.2 so we can organize door-to-door delivery. If you know a highly trafficked place for such a care package, and there's no settlement to seak shelter nearby - let us now, we'll do our best to deploy more and more care packages around Nadbór Region. If you're lost or need a guide around the region - we're here. If you need us to scout out an area, find a suitable location for a settlement or to create more detailed map of a location with situational assessment, let us know. If you want to help us out and tag along - 107.2 is where you find me. We are the Pathfinders, you're not alone..."

The transmission goes silent, only static can be heard. After half an hour the PSA signal can be heard once again, as transmission repeats itself



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  • Sapphire

Smallie hears the radio and seeing an opportunity picks up his radio, bangs it on the kerb edge until it springs into life.

“hey radio path guy, you sound like a bit of a hero. I quite fancy some of that action. Im a bit of a hero myself, so my foster mam said. I will try and work out how I switch frequencies and give you a holla on this walkie talkie thing to see how I join this path finding bunch you’ve got. I know all the streets round here, so happy to escort any chicks that need a strong guy like me to show them around. I dont mind helping with delivering  some tins of beans and shit where you need. Peace out man. Nice one”

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  • Diamond

A man began broadcasting from somewhere far to the southwest. His voice is immediately noticeable as American, specifically from the northern midwest United States to those with a good ear.

"Pathfinders, I'd like to meet with you if possible. I'm interested in possibly joining you folks. Give me a location on 88.9 if you can. Thank you."

The broadcast ended rather promptly.

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  • Emerald

The frequency came to life with static as someone pushed the PTT, but did not start to talk for a few seconds. One could hear him inhale deeply, then he spoke in broken English:

"Pathfinders. Name is Aleks. I need say thank you, СпасибоI almost dead in Gieraltów, few days ago, care package saved my life. I owe you, good people rare in Livonia. I stocked up care package to pay back, maybe save another life. Pathfinders, I want to help you, but I cannot show myself. This country not safe for man like me. But I on same side as you..."


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*a tired voice can be heard on this frequency*

"Hello, Aleks. We're glad that the care package served it's purpose. You owe us nothing, don't worry about it, especially when you've left supplies for the next visitor. We can arrange the meeting - as stated in the broadcast try to tune in to 107.2 so we can discuss things in private. I'll be listening in, stay safe!"

*transmission ends*

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