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Opinions on roleplay items.

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I was thinking about this earlier, and was wondering what the communities overall opinion on "roleplay items" were. That is, items that don't actually have any representation in game, but "ICly" exist. As a follow-up question, how do you feel about about trading these items? 

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If the items something like a diary, necklace or another object which has no direct use that can influence another players actions in anyway then I'm happy for people to ICly emote using/owning said item. 

It's not like running around with a make believe helicopter now is it?

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  • Emerald

Not sure about pets, small ones could work. But i feel like a cat would alraedy be too substantial. And the roleplay around them has the be done very well in regards to emoting. Wouldn't like to see everyone owning pets, but at the same time i love the pet rat that @Alkis has. 

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  • Sapphire

Like the answers above, it has lots of potential if done right. I did had a thread before regarding technology like having a functional smartphone and a GPS which my character works with them offline and charges them using a mix of car batteries and using his charger which almost breaks down from wearing off as well as a laptop, that one's the hardest to work with.


Other stuff without representation in-game can be done, and I find it enjoyable when others emote using items that usually aren't seen in-game.

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  • Legend

Often times I see this but don't have issues with it. People tend to suspend belief and allow others to "have" RP Items that don't exist in the game, as long as they're not outrageous. 

I've seen various things from personal items like trinkets, baubles, phones, cameras, wires, books, diaries, medical items, food like cheese, chocolate, milk, bread, porridge, snacks, wheelchairs, technology like cellphones, GPS. To even things like a cat, a duck, etc.

The thing is you can't powergame someone else into seeing these items, but for the most part if they are harmless and don't give you a advantage over the other players I don't really see a issue with it. If the item DOES exist in the game, you should really have it on you for RP. But if it doesn't and it's beneficial to RP and doesn't hurt anyone or overpower anyone or give you a easy out in RP then I have no personal issue with people saying they have them.

So TLDR in my opinion; 

RP'ing a RPG, Chopper, sports car, mountain of cocaine, Bengal tiger,  convenient photo of you doing or not doing X, Y or Z, or something large overpowered and unfair to other players - no.

RP'ing a small personal item like a necklace, ring, block of cheese, book, etc - yes

If you wanna RP having a pet just say you're "keeping" it someplace safe then RP getting it food, items, toys, etc if you want to bring it into RP. That way it's not something affecting the players who now have to pretend to see a cat or dog which you have control over and they have no influence in, but also allows you to discuss it in RP.

If you REALLY wanna RP out your pet, do it in textRP when not IG, like you would in D&D. 

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  • Emerald

I've seen several people have items that did not exist in game - what jumps to mind is two separate occasions where a character had a photo of of someone - and have found that it added to, rather than took away from, the roleplay that was going on around me. In one case there was no in-game item involved at all, and in the second instance the player had a generic book item called "journal" which contained the photo, and the journal item was put in hand and shown to my character. I rather like that second approach, although I realize there are a limited number of items that could be used to substitute for others.  Even before they were made more common, and before the fantastic new mod was added, my character saved slips of plain paper in case she had to pass a "note" to someone. 

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  • MVP

I RP with items that are not ingame because only using the items that are ingame heavily restrict roleplay. It only further's roleplay to emote items out. Especially for medical rp.

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I like them, they add alot more into the RP than you can do actually with items. Ofcourse aslong as they make sense as mentioned here before.

Favourite one for me that ive seen is when people RP that they have a quitar, and actually plays the quitar on the mic. Had some great moments with people who has done it, aslong as they actually can play quitar ? I wonder does people do it nowdays?

They can add so mutch into the roleplay that you cant otherwise have even though you cant see it, if youre doing it well.

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  • Sapphire

RP lives from using your imagination to create a unique and interesting experience. While your imagination is unlimited, the game sadly isnt and plenty of RP items have not and will never make it into the game. This goes from medical objects to personal belongings like a wedding ring over to ways of communication. Be creative and be fair is the golden rule - someone taking an RP item from you can be the beginning of a great storyline f.e. or task people to find something for you that "techincally" doesnt exist in the game world and inspire them to become creative. The possibilities are endless ? 

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  • Legend
46 minutes ago, William89 said:

- Snip. -

Quick Reminder, William.

Our Devs are NOT 3D modelers. They are texture and code artists, meaning they make code and re-texture existing items. Adding in items like AI (dogs, cats, rats, etc) takes a lot more than just slapping a model in there. 

Adding little nonsense like scrolling text on the front page is used in HTML5 or w/e code the website is made with in which Roland is quite well versed is easy. The code used on the website is not the same as the code used in the game. 

When adding third party mods, Roland needs to gain express permission (typically) if it's something that can be bought and sold in the Item Store(IE; clothing items for example). Right now groups can get their own armbands and outfits(I think?) if they're approved. He also has to Vet the mods to ensure they are not harmful nor bog down the server too much or do not interfere with existing code and mods. Things like "adding cheese" would be fine if there's a model for it already in the game and our Devs can retexture it. If there isn't a model we have to weigh the desire for a block of cheese to be modeled or downloaded, then placed into the server. IE; is the effort and benefit to RP that much so it is worth the time and effort to implement it? 

So, is there a massive desire for cassette players and cameras? If you feel it should be a mod that is added, put it on the suggested mod thread list and Roland will look it over. 

P.S. Comfort can be spawned in, but only by us LMs, it does not spawn on the loot table. We are working hand in hand with the Devs to make new Items or setups related to Lore. I've personally gone through and placed bodies/markers for the Serial Killer event all over Livonia. I'm a big supporter of getting stuff IG that players can interact with instead of having to use Emotes all the time. 

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  • MVP
1 hour ago, William89 said:

That's true, text RP is a great tool to go way beyond the game mechanics.

However, in my opinion, this is no excuse for not having something like a guitar or a comfort item. Moreover: imagine if certain items could only be spawned by certain groups, like comfort by former members of the Dead Batteries/Vultures, or laptops by the Corporation, Irish beer by An Pobal...

I think that the staff team has the ability to do this. They did reskins for the clothes of the 503, right? Also, recently, we got this added to the website (luckily, it was removed!):

  Reveal hidden contents


Perhaps I am very stupid, but I cannot understand that this community develops its website even further... and the code to detect people who break the NLR... but not the in game experience, which only improves as compared to vanilla through third party mods, despite of the fact that the server is highly monetized (and productive).

And I am just asking for the addition of simple RP items, just the same, they don't have to do anything. There are other servers, which are not monetized, with, for example, working cassette players and photo cameras, with which you can actually play cassettes and take photos. I do not understand these contradictions...

If it makes you feel any more at ease, I am currently in the process of learning the ins and outs of ObjectBuilder (Based on Oxygen2) which hopefully should make it easier for us to start implementing custom 3D assets, be aware that this is in a very limited capacity and is likely going to be restricted to smaller handheld items and generally speaking, pretty simple 3D models.


As for developing on the website over ingame? That was a small meme Rolle put together, I doubt he spent much time on it, seeing as he is well versed in tinkering with websites.

Lastly, you did mention comfort, and we can say that the item does indeed exist, but it is reserved for Loremasters to spawn in.

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Oh, I love that fluff. It helps with role play remendously. I mean, I imagine it does. I havent role played long. But I actually found a bible last night while scavving. And I was like, "Oh dude, someone could really play off of this. Religious sects. Religious scholars. Satanists looking to collect and burn all copies. 

I mean, if you really think about it, things like books in good condition would become treasures in a post internet world. So finding anything like Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Austen in good shape would be a real find to post apocalyptic collectors.

So yeah, any sorta "fluff" items like that are great, imo. Hell, I dont care if it is "Collectors Edition McDonalds Space Jam" cups. Anything could be someones obsession. Unopened boxes of favorite cereals. Coins. Wombat taxidermy. I mean, the list is kinda limited only by ones imagination.

I say the same thing about smokes, drugs, and alcohol. People will still have vices.  How much would a junkie (RP junkie) give for a vial of Dilaudid found in some hospital? I have kicked around the idea of being a junkie paying top dollar for morphine injectors in game. 

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  • Diamond

I've noticed some people who throughout hard development or a long backstory carries things like a special hat, or even a teddy bear, things like that which has a big purpose to the person alone. I think those items are great honestly.

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  • Titanium

@CJ and I share ownership of a Rainbow Charizard pokemon card that we got from a bunch of dead children.

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