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Filomena would sit in Callahan's office chair, feet propped up on his table. She sways left and right as she looks at the roof. Deep in thought before reaching onto her belt to her radio. She pushes down the PTT on the public frequency.

"This is Filomena.
I've been told to contact this frequency by some people of the five-oh-tree.
What's up?
Surprised I'm directly being requested to talk to one of you bais."

She would sway herself, awaiting the reply from someone. She leans forward, placing her radio on the table before returning to staring into space. Slowly nodding off as she knocks her cap over her eyes.

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*Looks at the radio in confusion as he presses the button*

"Moshi moshi, Duquesne here. Who told you that? Because I'm not aware of anything of that sorts."

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Disrupted as she slept, she jumps up to listen to the transmission.

"I believe their name begins with G. My mind is foggy.
But It's two of yer lads."

She crosses her arms, frowning at this weird confusion.

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*Shrugged his shoulders as he replied*

"Just asked, no one has any clue. Maybe just children being children. Nevertheless, now that we've got you on the radio. Wanna go on a date?"

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  • Emerald

*Gibson amused realizing his messenger finally made it to Sitnik glares at the radio with a smile before pressing down his PTT*

''We didn't have t'much to say lass, i hope it wasn't to much trouble for the messenger to limp his way to Shitnik. I smell you irish possies from a mile away paddy''

*He let's out a slight chuckle before releasing his PTT, and continues to clean the blood off his 12 gauge*

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  • Emerald

Martin would hear the woman talk on the radio while cleaning his FAL. Put the FAL down and shout to Gibson.

"Ooy! Gibson! C'mere. The irish chick is talkin' on the radio."

Martin would pick up the radio and sit down before pressing the PTT


"Yes, hello there. I just wanted to hear how you and your mates were doin' after our little encounter down south."

You would hear Martin Chuckle

"Yeah i guess my little messenger got there and did his part. Just wanted to say thank you for the supplies you guys handed too us so easily. It was like taking candy from a kid. There was some pretty high end weaponry in that car. Watch the trees by the way Filomina. Know your surroundings before your premature boyfriend tries to fuck with my boys."

Martin would also hear Michael on the radio.

"Michael, get yo bitch ass outa here. Let me do my business, and you do urs alright? Fuckin' Danes."

Martin would release the PTT

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Filomena rolls her eyes, seeming to have a distasteful tone.

"Was that it?
To sway yer little tic tac on the radio and this is the only female attention you can get?
Please don't waste my time any longer."

She switches her frequency back to her private one.

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  • Emerald

Martin would laugh and press his PTT again

"Well thats a job well done for me i guess... Just as planned.

Martin releases his PTT

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*Wulf chimes in*

"Why did i think diplomacy was about to be conducted?"

"How stupid of me, of course its just charisma less insults"

"Wulf chimes out*

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*Gibson laughs hearing the imperialist speak up on an pobals behalf*

''Well laddy, as you bais have greatly proven yer' selfs. Ye' bais only settle diplomacy wit' gunfire''

*Seing no further point of the conversation Gibson releases his PTT and switches frequency*

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  • Sapphire

*Gareth comes through the radio. You hear him cleaning his M4*

"Diplomacy is not up to me and the others in this radio boy. It is down to the leadership of the 5.0.3. 

"The boys here are talking about some issues that went down and told this man to go back to this women"

"Remember we spared Kirby I think his name is and didn't even touch him. If we wanted to we would of caught him but we let him live we ain't all bad now are we"

"Anyway there are some things to still be answered and only the boss man can ask them so I leave all of that to him hope you so called Irish have a wonderful day now"

*Gareth carries on cleaning is M4 and puts down the radio to keep a ear on it*

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  • Emerald

*Jimmy rolls his eyes with a frown at the previous statements, clearly unimpressed with a certain title*

"Christ - Will ye' lot shut t'fuck up with the Irish shite? T'ese An Pobal people are fake Irish, its windin' me up that some drips out there are still claiming 'em as a Nationality they are clearly not. Find anot'er name or I'll get me and my brot'ers to take more than just your fucking tyres."

*The Joyce pauses, glaring at a fresh scratch on his caravan*

"Squash your beef face t'face for the sake of the ears of everyone else on this frequency. Nobody wants t'hear you swing your cock about on t'radio. As fer you, Filomena - I think Cillian is still up for that Marriage Connor was on about, should this.. Dook-ayne fella proves t'be a lousy date."

*His scowl slowly forms into a quiet smirk before releasing the PTT.*

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