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Burlap sacks


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  • Sapphire

I'm full of questions recently, my bad.

I seem to recall that you could place a burlap sack on your head with a hole in it to see out of, was this removed from the game? Or is it still a thing?

Similar to this.





( I know it's a very old screenshot)

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That doesn't look like a hole, seems like the player model somehow clipping through it, since if you look at the inventory, the burlap sack has no holes in it. 

I don't think it was ever a thing, more like it was bugged and it made it possible to put a burlap sack on your head and still be able to view your surroundings. 



Here is a video showcasing it. 

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  • Sapphire
Just now, Alan Woods said:


Gotcha. I know seeing through it after relogging gave you the ability to see, damn. Cheers anyway!

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