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Meta gaming

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Saturday at 06:02 PM

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):  


Why the verdict is not fair:  I got points and character reset for meta gaming. However there is no proof either side to say i was or was not in distance within 7 meters of the Op video. Neither did they even know what person i was in the video. For all they know i could of been the woods and they wouldn't know anyway got 2 pictures of me in the video where i was  i would like game master to test out the situation in both of the videos and test out the distance i was away from the op. Find it very weird that admins can slap meta gaming with no evidence other than ooc chat me saying we was talking on comms and saying to leave. For example look at the povs most people say they either said or heard on comms to leave so they did. I would like to be explained what ooc info i didn't double mic and evidence of this as well. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  

I would like to see video evidance from game masters of testing out the situation and sent via dms with the amount of distance i was away from the op. Aswell as this i would like to be explained. If the admin team where wrong i would like to know why its taken 3 appeals and a verdict as well as multiple help desks calls to get the right veridict



Second picture im the guy behind the truck.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points and ban taken away as well car reset

What could you have done better?: rp more through the whole situation because you never know what part people record.

Would like if admins could ask me more questions on this appeal so i can explain more and prove my side and show what my thoughts are on. Would be nice to have a on going discussion instead of a final verdict on the ticket with out talking. 

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  • El Presidente

I don't quite understand your appeal. You were punished for metagaming, because from a perspective of the person recording the video you just all left without a word or role play, indicating OOC comms and thus metagaming.

What other proof do you need? It's all perfectly clear in the video that we already have.

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Like the fact i was on whisper and wouldn't be able to hear me talking over comms and wispier is 7 meters distance. Without even knowing what person i was in the video how do they know i was even in it? However saying that couldn't hear me talk and in game means i was less or 7 meters away from the OP at all times of the video to make it meta gaming however this simply isnt the case nor it is true either. Not sure many of the staff know that you can whisper on dayz (said on help desk). So i would like to know how you can base me meta gaming when i wasn't in whisper distance for 95% of the video nor did the staff knew who i was in the video to say that i meta game. 


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  • Legend

@Lucas Ossas Apologises for this taking so long, only I can handle it and I've had personal issues stopping me from being able to deal with this. I do have a question for you though before I dig deep into your appeal. In this appeal it seems that you are only challenging the metagaming and not the BadRP, however you claims that you would like wants all punishment removed which is confusing. Could you clarify?

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  • Legend

After further investigation we have arrived at the following conclusion:

@Lucas Ossas you have claimed in this appeal that you communicated via double mic with your fellow group members whilst using the whisper function within the game. The admin team have concluded that although we cannot prove/disprove that you did double mic in this situation, had you been in whisper the distance shown would have meant that the voice would not have been heard by the OP of the report.

 After reviewing the footage of testing, due to staff tools being present we will not show the test footage publicly or to yourself. 


Signed: @Voodoo @Saunders

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