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S2: Powergaming / Metagaming?- Livonia / Soup Kitchen - 09/02/2020 Approx. 17:50pm (GMT)


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Server and location: S2 Livonia, Soup Kitchen.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 09/02/2020 - 17:50pm (GMT)

Your in game name: George Harlow

Names of allies involved: Jim Norris ( @Jon Snow )

Name of suspect/s: Unsure of the doctors name that committed the rulebreak but @Fae was present alongside a fella called "Jayden".

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: 

Me and Jon Snow were travelling toward Sitnik after hearing about a small community simply named "Soup Kitchen", along the way we come across a dead body, wasn't sure as to how he died (My guess is starvation/hydration). We cut him up as our characters have both declined mentally and we were getting pretty hungry, we packed up what we could for trade and moved toward Sitnik. Upon entering the town, we run into a fella named Vito who we had a brief interaction with before he pointed us toward the summer camp. We had finally arrived. Just before entering the camp, we had consumed 3/4 pieces of human meat.

After turning up we were greeted by 3 seemingly friendly faces, I walked into the middle and dropped some things for the taking / trading. They took interest before Jon started looking around and took some food after permission was given by the people present, Jon began acting a tad weird and they had taken note. Not long after, a doctor (Seen in the video with NVG's) approached Jon and demanded his name, after no response from Jon the doctor immediately raises his gun and calls Jon out for having the Kuru disease (Video starts now). We assured them that it was merely chicken we had eaten but he was having none of it, he escorted us to a cabin and we talked it out before he took out a blood test kit and a few other things to test if we had the disease (Bearing in mind, you can't test Kuru without MRI's and other elaborate tests), no actions were given in chat to indicate he was doing said tests, he stands there for a while with a compass in hand and accuses Jon that he "Definitely" has Kuru shortly after the tests are done.

The whole scenario was otherwise RP'ed pretty nicely, it was a shame that we were power-gamed like this. No permission was asked by the Doctor if he could do said tests and nothing pointed to the fact that we had Kuru other than a laugh (Meta). Not sure on the meta-gaming aspect as his character is a doctor so I was told and believe that he could genuinely know this information, if the meta isn't correct, my apologies. 

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Jim Norris POV:

Myself and George were walking around Sitnik because we'd heard about some sort of community called the soup kitchen. We came across a dead body, we cut him up and consumed his meat because we were getting pretty hungry. When we found the soup kitchen, there were a few people sat around a fire, we started conversing with them, and I asked if they had any food, to which they directed me to the cabinet I can be seen stood infront of in the video. As I was eating a Zucchini, my character vomited half way through...at that point, a guy dressed as a doctor appeared and said something along the lines of 'you're a cannibal' unsure of what he exactly said. He then proceeded to point his gun at me and told me to put my hands up, because he said I was a cannibal. We told him that we'd just eaten some chicken but he was convinced that we had kuru based on our vomit, our eyes and our laugh.

Then we got moved into a cabin, I'm guessing to move us away from the main camp area. This is where he proceeded to 'test' us for Kuru, in which he used a blood test kit, which told us what blood type we were and then he sat and stared at a compass for maybe a minute, all without indicating in chat what he was actually doing...after this, he equipped what looked like a weapon sight of some sort, which he used to I'm guessing 'check our eyes' again, with no indication that he was infact checking my eyes. After running his 'tests' he left the room and informed someone outside that I 'definitely' had kuru, without any sure fire way of actually testing it, and just testing my blood type and staring at a compass. 

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Connection Logs:



14:22:51 | Player "George Harlow" is connected
18:19:00 | Player "George Harlow" has been disconnected

17:33:10 | Player "Jim Norris" is connected
18:08:42 | Player "Jim Norris" has been disconnected
18:08:51 | Player "Jim Norris" is connected
18:19:00 | Player "Jim Norris" has been disconnected

16:55:19 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
17:56:16 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected
17:57:01 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
18:19:00 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected
18:26:29 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
19:02:27 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected

15:53:16 | Player "Sarah Kim" is connected
17:40:52 | Player "Sarah Kim" has been disconnected
17:41:04 | Player "Sarah Kim" is connected
17:45:14 | Player "Sarah Kim" has been disconnected

16:42:58 | Player "Chuck Rud" is connected
18:18:04 | Player "Chuck Rud" has been disconnected
18:21:58 | Player "Chuck Rud" is connected -STILL CONNECTED-

17:14:46 | Player "Jaiden Winters" is connected
18:19:00 | Player "Jaiden Winters" has been disconnected
18:21:59 | Player "Jaiden Winters" is connected
18:47:33 | Player "Jaiden Winters" has been disconnected
18:47:54 | Player "Jaiden Winters" is connected -STILL CONNECTED-

15:42:48 | Player "Jack Williamson" is connected
18:19:00 | Player "Jack Williamson" has been disconnected
18:20:45 | Player "Jack Williamson" is connected -STILL CONNECTED-


Chat Logs:



17:16:15 | Chat("Fae Williams"): *frowns*

17:17:16 | Chat("Fae Williams"): *taps her finger on her gun*

17:21:57 | Chat("Fae Williams"): *pats him down for any suspicious meat* //do I find any?

17:22:15 | Chat("George Harlow"): // am I good to check my invent, I kinda forgot

17:22:34 | Chat("George Harlow"): // You'd find none

17:22:49 | Chat("Fae Williams"): *Pats him down as well* //do I find any suspicious meat?

17:22:53 | Chat("Jim Norris"): //I'll need to check

17:22:57 | Chat("Fae Williams"): //Sure

17:23:16 | Chat("Jim Norris"): //you'd find none

17:23:20 | Chat("Fae Williams"): //okies

17:35:09 | Chat("Jim Norris"): //apologies, my game crashed

17:35:15 | Chat("Fae Williams"): //No prob dude

17:35:36 | Chat("Sarah Kim"): //let me have this man XD


Position Logs: 



17:06:53 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11364.9, 9954.9, 173.9>) 
17:11:53 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11351.9, 10055.5, 171.8>) 
17:16:52 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11353.3, 10054.2, 171.8>) 
17:21:52 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11322.8, 10027.3, 173.0>) 
17:26:52 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11322.9, 10027, 173.0>) 
17:31:52 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11322.9, 10027, 173.0>) 
17:36:51 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11346.6, 9995.4, 173.2>) 
17:41:51 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11062.2, 10345.6, 179.0>) 
17:46:51 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064.5, 10346.2, 178.9>) 
17:51:51 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064.5, 10346.2, 178.9>) 
17:56:51 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064.5, 10346.2, 178.9>) 
18:01:51 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064, 10346.3, 179.0>) 
18:06:50 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064, 10346.3, 179.0>) 
18:11:50 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064.7, 10346.9, 178.9>) 
18:16:50 | Player "George Harlow" (pos=<11064.7, 10346.9, 178.9>) 

17:06:53 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11366.8, 9956.1, 173.9>) 
17:11:53 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11352.3, 10053.3, 171.8>) 
17:16:52 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11347.9, 10054, 171.9>) 
17:21:52 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11321.5, 10027.9, 173.0>) 
17:26:52 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11321.5, 10027.9, 173.0>) 
17:31:52 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11321.5, 10027.9, 173.0>) 
17:36:51 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11346.5, 9996.6, 173.1>) 
17:41:51 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11063.2, 10344.3, 178.9>) 
17:46:51 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11063.2, 10344.3, 178.9>) 
17:51:51 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11064.7, 10345.3, 178.9>) 
17:56:51 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11064.7, 10345.3, 178.9>) 
18:01:51 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11064.7, 10345.3, 178.9>) 
18:06:50 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11064.7, 10345.3, 178.9>) 
18:11:50 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11065.2, 10345.6, 178.9>) 
18:16:50 | Player "Jim Norris" (pos=<11065.2, 10345.6, 178.9>) 

17:06:53 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11350.8, 10051.4, 171.8>) 
17:11:53 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11351.6, 10056.6, 171.8>) 
17:16:52 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11352.6, 10061.1, 172.3>) 
17:21:52 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11322.8, 10026.6, 173.0>) 
17:26:52 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11319.9, 10028.2, 173.0>) 
17:31:52 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11324.1, 10031.1, 173.0>) 
17:36:51 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11342.8, 10000, 173.1>) 
17:41:51 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11350.1, 10059.6, 171.8>) 
17:46:51 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11350.1, 10059.8, 171.8>) 
17:51:51 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11349.1, 10059.8, 171.9>) 
18:01:51 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11348.9, 10059.5, 171.9>) 
18:06:50 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11354.1, 10057.7, 171.7>) 
18:11:50 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11354.1, 10057.7, 171.7>) 
18:16:50 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<11344.7, 10052.3, 174.5>) 

17:06:53 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11512.5, 9616.5, 185.2>) 
17:11:53 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11513.3, 9860.8, 182.3>) 
17:16:52 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11346.2, 10055.8, 171.9>) 
17:21:52 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11321.6, 10032.1, 173.0>) 
17:26:52 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11324.9, 10028.7, 173.3>) 
17:31:52 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11320.8, 10030.9, 173.0>) 
17:36:51 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11332.1, 10041.1, 172.4>) 
17:41:51 | Player "Sarah Kim" (pos=<11343.8, 10056, 172.0>) 

17:06:53 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11348.3, 10055.2, 171.9>) 
17:11:53 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11349.5, 10056.4, 171.8>) 
17:16:52 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11358.5, 10059.5, 171.6>) 
17:21:52 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11323.4, 10030.9, 173.0>) 
17:26:52 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11321.5, 10031.1, 173.0>) 
17:31:52 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11329.4, 10035.7, 172.5>) 
17:36:51 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11346.7, 10001.7, 173.1>) 
17:41:51 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11347.6, 10055, 171.9>) 
17:46:51 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11346.4, 10055.9, 171.9>) 
17:51:51 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11348.1, 10058.9, 171.9>) 
17:56:51 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11346.7, 10056.4, 171.9>) 
18:01:51 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11346.7, 10056.4, 171.9>) 
18:06:50 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11347.8, 10057.6, 171.9>) 
18:11:50 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11347.8, 10057.6, 171.9>) 
18:16:50 | Player "Chuck Rud" (pos=<11346.6, 10050.5, 174.5>) 

17:16:52 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11330.8, 10084, 177.6>) 
17:21:52 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11350.8, 10022.4, 172.7>) 
17:26:52 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11322.8, 10031.2, 173.0>) 
17:31:52 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11322, 10029.1, 173.0>) 
17:36:51 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11344.6, 10001.6, 173.1>) 
17:41:51 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11352.4, 10060, 171.8>) 
17:46:51 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11352.5, 10060, 171.8>) 
17:51:51 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11324.7, 10095.9, 172.1>) 
17:56:51 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11351.5, 10058.4, 171.8>) 
18:01:51 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11351.4, 10060.1, 171.8>) 
18:06:50 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11351.8, 10059.8, 171.8>) 
18:11:50 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11351.8, 10059.6, 171.8>) 
18:16:50 | Player "Jaiden Winters" (pos=<11342.6, 10052.3, 174.3>) 

17:06:53 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11262.7, 9578.7, 190.5>) 
17:11:53 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11562.1, 9808.4, 186.5>) 
17:16:52 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11559.5, 9744.9, 185.0>) 
17:21:52 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11330.3, 10035.9, 172.5>) 
17:26:52 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11332.1, 10039.8, 172.4>) 
17:31:52 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11339.8, 10054.3, 172.1>) 
17:36:51 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11334, 10042.5, 172.3>) 
17:41:51 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11357.6, 9931.0, 174.8>) 
17:46:51 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11303.2, 9587.4, 185.4>) 
17:51:51 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11290.6, 9580.2, 185.4>) 
17:56:51 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11291.8, 9582.9, 185.4>) 
18:01:51 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11300.4, 9588.1, 185.4>) 
18:06:50 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11300.4, 9588.1, 185.4>) 
18:11:50 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11293.6, 9583.2, 185.4>) 
18:16:50 | Player "Jack Williamson" (pos=<11293.6, 9583.2, 185.4>) 



Calling in the following to post their full POVs and any additional unedited evidence they may have

@CrescentGent - George Harlow - OP Posted

@Jon Snow - Jim Norris - Posted

@Fae - Fae Williams - Posted

@NiceLime - Sarah Kim - Posted

@Diomondium - Chuck Rud - Posted

@ViperTCA - Jaiden Winters - Posted

@cjackson821 - Jack Williamson - Posted

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Jaiden Winters POV:

I logged into the tower inside of the soup kitchen in which on further inspection at 0:39 of the video you can actually see me in it if you look closely, and saw the two people getting hold up. After warning a few people on the radio in which I double mic'd and whispered ig but nobody would've heard me as I was too far from the situation to be heard, such as Soup Kitchen discord and another friend discord, I went down to go check what was going on in which I was told it was something to do with cannibals. After that I walked off, I told the people I warned on the radio what the situation was about. I went back over and asked if I could go inside of the cabin, I was told I could so I walked in. In which I simply stood by and watched for a while. Then they decided to put me in charge of the situation, so I asked if they one hundred percent had the disease. After Kim and Fae spoke, Fae offering to rip out the man's teeth so he couldn't eat anyone else. My character decided that there was only so many options as he was told they'd die and suffer whilst they did. So he said what options he could think of. And then Jack and Fae began to argue, my character tried to get control and quiet it all down, resorting to shooting twice in the air to gain people's attention again. Then saying, he didn't mind if they just simply left. In which they decided to take that option and I warned them that due to them being apparently cannibals they'd probably get a lot of hassle no matter where they went. They asked for my name so I gave it to him, then we escorted them out and that was about it from my POV, let me know if ya'll need anything else from me. 

Edited by ViperTCA
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Jack Williamson’s POV - timestamps referencing video evidence provided by @CrescentGent 

Jack was going to Soup Kitchen to hang out as he normally does. Upon his arrival, which you can see in the video evidence at 3:28, he notices that people have their hands up. Jack walks back a little bit and asks Krank, who was there already, what is going on. Krank says that he hasn’t got a clue, so Jack and Krank head back into the Soup Kitchen. Around 4:40 in the video evidence, Jack comes back into the camp and stands outside of the cabin they moved into to begin ease dropping.

Around 10:15 in the video, Jack and Krank begin talking about what kuru is. Jack can’t be heard talking in the video evidence because he is to far away from the cabin and talking at a quieter level. After ease dropping back in, Jack begins to get concerned because they are threatening to shoot or torture the two people inside for testing positive for kuru. Being a doctor, Jack knows that there isn’t a blood test for kuru and wasn’t fully convinced of what was going on. So, around the 14:00 mark in the video Jack intervenes and says that they should make them leave. Jack also hangs around the Soup Kitchen a lot and knows that Marek and Sabina would not want someone shot in their camp. The argument begins and some words are exchanged (sorry @Fae… love you).

Jack steps back after the heated exchange and checks on someone who appeared to be injured by the campfire. After a brief conversation and learning that they were fine, Jack returns to the situation at hand. At this point, around 17:30 in the video evidence, Jack is satisfied that they are forcing them to leave but does protest the other doctor ( @NiceLime). Jack says that there is no blood test for kuru and @NiceLime responds with something like: “you know what I mean... I got them to admit to being cannibals.” Still protesting what Jack sees as rash and irrational fear, he stays back and continues to speak with Krank while they kick the two men out of the Soup Kitchen.

After they return, some heated words are exchanged again, this time between Jack and Jaiden. Due to this Jack walks off frustrated and angry.

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Fae Williams POV:

Sitting in camp at the Soup Kitchen just chilling out, when two dudes arrive. They offer stuff to trade and ask for food. I accept their donations and point them to where the food is kept with a sceptical tone of voice. Fae has had many run ins with cannibals & is a bit suspicious of the way these two are acting, their voices and their giggles set off alarms for her but she didnt press it. She was simply going to watch their behaviour and perhaps ask some probing questions before this all happened.

The doctor then initiated, claiming that she knew they had Kuru just by their laughter. I pull a gun just to be safe, but do not raise it. I suggest moving them out of the middle of the soup kitchen and into the empty cabin to not be so open about this whilst we figure it out. They are led inside and I pat them down for any strange meat, and start questioning them. They admit to taking meat of a stranger, to which I advise them it isn't the best idea. The doctor then accuses one of being 100% a cannibal, after "testing" with a blood test kit and a compass (??) 

Having a terrible history with cannibals, Fae gets irate, and starts threatening to pull their teeth out (which spurs an altercation between herself and @cjackson821... sorry love you!)

@ViperTCA intervenes and kicks the guys out of camp, Fae helps escort them, shooting in the air to get them to leave faster. Afterwards, she overhears someone saying one of the guys dropped human meat on the ground.

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Chuck Rud's POV:

I had logged in earlier in the day simply to hang around and schmooze, then two people came up and asked for food, to which we directed them to the food cabinets next to them. Chuck hasn't had many run-ins with cannibals before so he simply dismissed their giggles as a byproduct of the apocalypse. 

After the initiation I pull out my weapon to defend myself and others, but I do not end up raising it. After we moved the two men into the cabin I enter to dissuade anyone from shooting and to assist in any way I can. After the first test is done the ruckus caused by the people outside brings me out of the cabin briefly before I re-enter after the AK shots. After the discussion of what to do with the men is over I escort them out of the camp, hand the man his glock after unchambering it, and allow them to leave.

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Since @NiceLime has been IG since begin called in. They will be temp banned till they post their POV.

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I want to begin by saying that both myself and my charcter are women. I even stated this to all parties involved.

I had come to the soup kitchen to drop off some meat I got from hunting. When I heard that these people just kept laughing and one of them vomited blood. I knew this was Kuru because of metagaming. I admit I am at fault for this. Obviously in the real world there are several diseases that can cause someone to vomit blood. In the game there is only one. And combined with the laughing that OOC was coming from their character and IC seemed as if they were attempting to stop the laughing, but couldn't. My character has history with cannibals and as such I acted without thinking properly. In hindsight I understand that this was seen as metagaming even if I couldn't see it at that time. My character is a doctor, but for obvious reasons she is a lot more knowledgeable than I am as I am an engineer IRL. As such I have since learned that there is no test for Kuru if the person is still alive. As such, I apologize for my actions and for possibly ruining their roleplay experience. I will alter my way of dealing with people I may suspect are cannibals in the future.

As I am at fault for this event I will take whatever punishment staff feels is necessary and I once again apologize to @CrescentGent and @Jon Snow for ruining their roleplay experience.

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Thank you for posting your POV @NiceLime your temp ban should be lifted. Please keep an eye on the forums should you be asked any further questions.

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Metagaming & Powergaming - @NiceLime - Guilty


@CrescentGent and @Jon Snow arrive at the soup kitchen and begin to RP and trade with those at the camp. During this encounter, @Jon Snow acts strange by laughing weirdly as well as vomits with some blood and a @NiceLime demands for him to tell his name. After not responding, the doctor holds up @Jon Snow and hearing the kuru laugh accuses him of being a cannibal. @Jon Snow lies about eating some chicken instead of human meat. During this encounter @NiceLime decides to blood test the two without their consent. @ViperTCA decides to intervene in this situation after some time and kick out the two from the camp which they comply and leave.

Rule breaks

Metagaming & Powergaming

@NiceLime, To begin with in your POV you admit to metagaming the Kuru illness after @Jon Snow did the kuru laugh. Because the game only allows you to throw up because of Kuru, you shouldn't of assumed it was Kuru but allowed to have had other guesses what it could have been. The powergaming, in order to test the hostages for Kuru you went to take their blood. Now when you did that you did not ask for permission to do so and did it anyways. Doing an RP action to another player without their consent is clear powergaming.


3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character
  • Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream
  • Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases
  • Sharing or gaining information through OOC communications when not permitted as per rule 3.6 below

3.7 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief through role play upon another players character unless the action is specifically consented to by the other player using OOC text. This is called power gaming. Certain extreme role play like rape is not allowed at all and is considered power gaming regardless of consent.


Metagaming - If you know something OOC but not IC, don't use that knowledge. RP out the situation and ask questions, these questions can range from basic medical questions to something a bit more specific. You can have your suspicions but don't flat out know something like the kuru illness.
Powergaming - Always ask for permissions when you take tests or anything else that requires RP interaction like that. Even if it is your friend and you know they will accept it ask for permission in the chat.


@NiceLime - Metagaming & Powergaming - 3 Day ban, 10 warning points & Character reset

Signed by: @Inferno, @JobScholten, & @Conor

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