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Just a quick scenario to run by staff.


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  • Sapphire

So recently myself and @Jon Snow got into a situation where we had eaten human meat just moments prior, during the course of the day we were making our way to the famed Soup Kitchen, the new Livonia hotspot for RP which we had heard about through others.

Upon arrival, we were greeted somewhat friendly with a couple of "You're weird" throw in there, nothing out of the ordinary when out of nowhere a doctor approaches Jon Snow and asks for his IG name before pointing a gun at him and requesting he raises his hands. He proceeds to do so and we were both taken into a cabin, all the meanwhile they were assuming we had eaten human meat because of the laugh (Alan Woods had advised that a doctor may know the distinct laugh since he is of course, a doctor) which we had denied doing all throughout. 

After being taken into said cabin, we were subjected to a "Blood" test without a // or an * to indicate he was doing so, he then stared into a compass for a moment before definitively telling Jon's character that he has Kuru. Side note: You can't test Kuru with a regular blood test kit, you need comprehensive tests including MRI tests etc. 

It sounds petty comparing IRL to RP but there needs to be some form of realism, not just "Oh, you have Kuru" -- Just for clarification, we're not salty just a bit confused.

Do we submit a report?

PS. We know that we're so far into the apocalypse, people would be able to tell. It's more to do so with them just doing "Tests" without any indication of doing said tests. Unrealistic ones at that.

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  • Legend

Hello! I was the scary lady in black who wanted to pull teeth because the doctor said you were cannibals ?

If this does happen again, a simple ooc chat message of //You cant test for Kuru this way or something would suffice if you dont wish people to know right away. 
Most people who play cannibals dont actually eat the human meat in game because of the annoying laugh ever 5 seconds and then scenarios like this happen.
That being said, I was already suspicious due to your own laughter, tone of voice (every cannibal I have ever met IC has had the same kind of voice/temperament for some reason) and the fact that when I quizzed you you mentioned eating meat from a stranger. It did add up.

If you feel a rule has been broken, a report can be made, but it is up to you. We cannot advise either way! 

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  • MVP

Like @Fae stated above, we can't really advise you on whether you should put up a report or not. If you feel like a rule has been broken, then you have every right to make a report.


Regarding your situation however,

I personally feel like the in-game laugh by itself would not be enough for a doctor to immediately be able to know/assume that you have kuru, mainly due to the fact that there are numerous neurological diseases and disorders that can cause uncontrollable laughter and/or crying, such as PBA. A doctor would probably have to run a couple of tests and study you for a longer period of time before being able to properly identify and diagnose you with the disease. Then again, we are in the apocalypse after all. For all you know the doctor could've been lying all along, pretend to run actual tests on you just to frame you for being a cannibal.

When something like this happens again, I would take Fae's advise and use OOC to say something along the lines of '// You wouldn't be able to diagnose me with Kuru that way'.

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