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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-06 13:31

S2 Livonia - Excessive OOC / Bad RP

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Server and location: Livonia S2 / Tarnow Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02.30

Your in game name: Ivan Bondar

Names of allies involved: @Gregor @CynicalCertainty @RocJag

Name of suspect/s: @Simon Grugnug

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video attached below

Detailed description of the events: We're walking through Tarnow, run into an old person who we used to be in a group with. Recognize his voice so start conversation, he recognizes who we are then starts taking.... then randomly just says "OOC i'm gonna say it" then proceeds to say "I shouldn't even be on this server right now" This was really immersion breaking for us after such a long night RP'ing this was our last situation before we planned to get off so really ruined the night for us. We were hoping for a IC conversation especially considering how long it had been since seeing this guy but instead we got a 85% OOC conversation from him whilst we carried on maintaining it IC. He then also mentioned how he had died 3 times.... When we quizzed him saying how did you die 3 times? He tried to bring it back IC poorly.

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Grammar correction on sentence ''how did you die 3 times''
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02:06:34 | Player "Ivan Bondar" is connected
02:39:03 | Player "Ivan Bondar" has been disconnected

02:04:44 | Player "Thomas Green" is connected
02:51:47 | Player "Thomas Green" has been disconnected
02:56:09 | Player "Thomas Green" is connected
03:29:20 | Player "Thomas Green" has been disconnected


@SeveredNerve | Ivan Bondar | OP
@Simon Grugnug | Thomas Green | POSTED

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Pov: I was roughly 4 to five drinks in on some rum and coke half and half when i came across the group and they recognized my voice.also im playing as mark fields but have to wait on a cool down to switch back. due to section 3.1 I know im guilty 

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most of it was unnecessary
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I'm sorry but I am not sure how our conversation was taken as possible OOC at all. Everything we discussed was all IC related matters.... No targeting has been made because of @Gregor's ban, it's old news and he doesn't care about it, nor do the rest of us. You were reported because we all agreed it was worthy of a report as we had a great night of RP and you had came along and really ruined the immersion for us all. At the end of the day we try to hold our RP to a high standard and follow the rules so when we see a rulebreak regardless of who it is we consider a report, no matter how small it seems. It's a shame you think we were targeting you personally on this matter but I'm afraid that is not the case. 

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@Simon Grugnug - Bad RP: Guilty


Keeping in line with the brevityof this report, @Simon Grugnug you know you shouldn’t be going OOC in VOIP no matter how urgent the message. Remember to use the // prefix in text instead and try not to play on our servers while drunk again, as you still bear full responsibility for your drunken actions. If we see behaviour such as this repeated again, we’ll be forced to take escalated measures to ensure you learn the required lesson.

With that being said, that concludes our explanation of this report.


@Simon Grugnug - Bad RP: 5 Day Ban & 10 Warning Points

Signed by: @APositiveElmo, @Aiko & @Inferno

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