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lore 2.0


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Hello again staff, back it again with the follow up question!


Nope! We randomly select members who are IG and actively playing in order to participate in the random Lore encounters we provide directly. We also enjoy picking people who are actively RP'ing IG together so we can sort of tailor the experience better based on what we can hear and observe. But we have picked on some silent duos or trios, or gatherings many a time before as well.

So you are randomly selcting people and not rolling the lore out to EVERYONE and only a choosen few? why? This seems unfair on the rest of us who arent around.

If you like to get more involved in the active Lore storyline, then approach people ICly and ask about the events going on currently and play IG. There have been IC Radio Broadcasts that you certainly can take as IC as they are public in the radio broadcasts section on the forums. This active storyline about the murders for example is very much dictated by IC actions and if you want to learn about them or get involved you, yourself, will have to actively seek out people who are engaging on a more progressive personal scale and see how you can also get involved with them, or hell do your own thing regarding it. Maybe you want to start your own path regarding this threat or perhaps you want the threat to continue and wanna stop those who are working toward slowing it down. *shrug* It's all very much up to you! There are many paths to take, and you can get pretty damn creative with how open we're choosing to be. If you're unsure, DM us and we'll hear you out and give you our feedback!

But there is no threat to myself or my group, as you have not choosen to include this and the story line or the lore is nothing to us, As you are hand picking people to have lore?

The only requirement is you have to be actively playing the game if you want a random IG encounter from us directly, if that is the question you're worried about. Where we use Tools to make a RP encounter for players.

You say this yet the group I am currently in has had 0 lore interaction and another group has informed me you have made 0 contact with them, when there base in Sitnik is one of the most travelled and used ares on the map? 


Though, there are other ways to participate in the Lore from a more backstage perspective as well and if you'd like to volunteer for something, let us know! We love to work with people to make RP enjoyable so if you have a wacky or neat idea you'd think would fit for the Lore or whatever Storyline we're doing DM us! Let us know! We can discuss and see how it can play out.

But shouldnt the lore be for everyone? and shouldn't it be rolled out over the whole community?


Again your responce to me just shows you are hand selecting people and leaving the rest of us out of the loop, coz I have no idea what the lore is other then what @Duckyposted a while ago for Liv is and that you are trying to bring comfort back, which then in turn kinda kills dead bat and vultures lore so I'm a bit baffled really what is happening with the lore.


@Rolandso why isn’t the lore made official like @Majordid ?

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There is no way to deliver events or RP for all 574 unique players who played on our servers in the last week because we don't have a server with 574 slots.

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Lore is made official and available for everyone. Storyline events are not lore, they're small events to spice things up.

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Hi Neom man. Sorry for the late reply my end. Was having a drink last night and didn't want to give a drunken reply.

Brayces pretty much nailed it on the dot when it came to to the events themselves... I am honestly just sorry i haven't been able to get your folk involved. I will take the blunt of the blame here if that is the case and attempt harder to try and bring more lore to the larger groups. Currently talking with @C-J on how to get the 503 more involved and will also speak to shepard also. But sorry if came off this way, it is not the intent and what we have been "doing" lately only became a major thing after a discussion with master Rolando made it official.

However the thing with comfort isn't true. We aint trying to "bring" comfort back in any way. I used it as a reference for a clue to the connection of the character hinting whom it was. I have had people OOcly message me for the use of comfort IG, even major groups, to even a point i have been asking the Devs to make comfort as an official IG item.

But i am going to tldr this for you,

Gonna do better and get your folk involved.

No, there is no official attempt to bring comfort back IG. Its a hint and a clue, holding a reference.

You know if you need to know anything neom you have my number. Feel free at any point to contact me. My dm's are always open for you xx



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