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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-05 13:02

S1 Base Griefing


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Server and location:  Server 1, Chernarus, Black Forest

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  Between 17:30 to 18:30 UTC might be slightly back more time. 

Your in game name:  Andy Seitz

Names of allies involved:  @JmVidz805 @miss_natcula

Name of suspect/s:  Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  Black BMW and Green ADA taken

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Detailed description of the events:   Myself, @miss_natcula and @JmVidz805 returned to base when we found one of our walls broken down and two car missing, a Black BMW and Green ADA.  Upon further inspection whoever took the cars decided to dump out the contents.  Not sure who did it, but I get the feeling this wasn't meant to be friendly raid.   We must of just missed whoever did this because the items didn't despawn.  I mean if they really wanted a car or two could have just asked, we are friendly we would probably have given them the cars since we had a few others.  Thanks for your time.



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I posted links to screenshots.
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I was there. This the print screen I took instantly as we turned into seeing the lot. I was the first one to see everything. I don't get why they would toss the lockers out and not put the stuff they decided to drop all over the floor into said lockers. Some of the stuff was guns even. They were only after the tents I put in there I'm sure since they dumped a bunch of other shit out to probably fit the tents in. They tossed my characters book collection on the floor. Her clothing, and then a bunch of other things that were more valuable. Very annoying.


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Building logs:


16:58:12 | Player "Karl Morgan" destroyed Fence with Hatchet
16:59:26 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" dismantled Fence with Hatchet
17:00:30 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" dismantled Fence with Hatchet
17:33:34 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" placed Locker
18:01:17 | Player "Andy Seitz" placed Locker
19:30:30 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" destroyed Fence with Hatchet
19:41:12 | Player "David Jones" destroyed Fence with Splitting Axe


Connection logs:


15:24:36 | Player "Karl Morgan" is connected
17:51:15 | Player "Karl Morgan" has been disconnected
21:41:27 | Player "Karl Morgan" is connected
22:13:49 | Player "Karl Morgan" has been disconnected

15:22:36 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" is connected
18:10:44 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" has been disconnected
18:14:19 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" is connected
22:13:49 | Player "Lerac Nietsrik" has been disconnected

16:43:12 | Player "David Jones" is connected
18:10:44 | Player "David Jones" has been disconnected
18:13:51 | Player "David Jones" is connected
22:13:49 | Player "David Jones" has been disconnected

14:13:24 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" is connected
18:10:44 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" has been disconnected
18:12:45 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" is connected
19:53:58 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" has been disconnected
19:54:05 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" is connected
22:13:49 | Player "Hilde Kovaden" has been disconnected

15:44:45 | Player "Andy Seitz" is connected
17:16:29 | Player "Andy Seitz" has been disconnected
17:17:44 | Player "Andy Seitz" is connected
17:42:02 | Player "Andy Seitz" has been disconnected
17:42:15 | Player "Andy Seitz" is connected
18:10:44 | Player "Andy Seitz" has been disconnected
18:13:21 | Player "Andy Seitz" is connected
22:01:05 | Player "Andy Seitz" has been disconnected

14:26:58 | Player "Aleksandr Markez" is connected
18:10:44 | Player "Aleksandr Markez" has been disconnected
18:12:33 | Player "Aleksandr Markez" is connected
22:13:49 | Player "Aleksandr Markez" has been disconnected


Calling in the following to post their detailed POVs and any un-edited video evidence they might have.

@GreyScale243 - Karl Morgan - Posted
@Scally - Lerac Nietsrik - Posted
@The17thSubject - David Jones - Posted
@miss_natcula - Hilde Kovaden - Posted
@Anipuma - Andy Seitz - OP
@JmVidz805 - Aleksandr Markez - Posted

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Given his lengthy inactivity on the forums, @The17thSubject will be temporarily banned from our servers until he has posted his PoV in this report.

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I didn't take any pictures of my POV But i'll discuss what I know.

I was with @Anipuma & @miss_natcula on our towards @Anipuma's house to continue some internal role-play on my end.

Upon arriving though, a few things were out of place and then we noticed the lockers that are placed outside, and also two of @Anipuma's cars are missing.
I did notice the griefing of some of the items that were in the lockers. (I'am the man standing in front of @miss_natcula's Screenshot)
We all couldn't realize who might've done it, but we were more worried about the reason for the griefing.

-Thats all I know on my end Chief.

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I have no footage/images of my time at this location.

As shown by the building logs, I wasn't involved until nearly 3 hours after the initial scenario, by when there were no cars or items present at the outside location shown in the screenshot.

I simply made an IC attempt to enter the building, and upon failing to, left the area.

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The main goal was for storage and vehicles. We wanted the tents, lockers, and BMWs. As one of the BMWs were already loaded with tents, we left that alone. The other, we aimed to fill with one of the lockers (one was in another car, the other was empty on the floor) after failing to load either locker we resorted to taking one of the BMWs and the ADA and to come back for the other once we had an extra hand. (The17thSubject, who was not there on the first occassion).

We did make attempts to put more 'valuable' items out of despawn risk, but with the inventory bug we decided we would try to sort the rest on our next visit.

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No footage on my end either, I'm afraid. Scally and I were lost in the forest at night and in the rain, we were searching for a large truck to bring back to our farm. We stumbled across the base in question and saw the cars. I cut down the fence in order to get inside and get the cars out. The rest of the raid went as Scally stated. The inventory bug prevented us from moving a majority of the larger and more valuable items into the lockers, which were empty at the time. (we didn't empty them). As The17thSubject was going to be joining us, we decided to take the BMW with the tents and the ADA back to our base and return with The17thSubject to sort out the rest of the inventory.

As you can see from the screenshot, we only broke one fence in order to get in and get the vehicles out, as per the rules. It wasn't a malicious raid or grief. Our group has 4 people in and at the time we only had one barrel of storage at our base, which was full. 

Not sure if it makes any difference, but we did announce ourselves IC before anything was done. (Knocking on the door, calling out if anyone was home, etc.)

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On 2/10/2020 at 5:08 PM, The17thSubject said:


Thank you for your PoV. Your tempban has been removed.

Please keep an eye on the report in case we have any further questions for you to answer.

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Griefing – Not Guilty - @GreyScale243

Griefing – Not Guilty - @Scally

Griefing – Not Guilty - @The17thSubject



@Anipuma, @JmVidz805and @miss_natculareturn to their base to find two vehicles gone and some walls taken down with some items from the car on the ground.


We have looked into this and have decided on not guilty, this looks like a standard raid was done. The damage done was not excessive but just enough to get to the vehicles. The items that was left was not a large amount. We do not believe the items that was left was maliciously left to despawn. The accused have explained they were going to return for the rest and attempted to try and put the high value items in storage to prevent them despawning however due to the inventory bug they were unable to. This is not griefing we believe they did everything they could to prevent the items to despawn however Dayz Is a buggy game and the inventory bug is well known. Stealing cars and items from a base is not griefing if they had stripped all the walls took all the storage and left all the items to despawn that would be griefing. However that is not what they did with that said.


Griefing – Not Guilty - @GreyScale243

Griefing – Not Guilty - @Scally

Griefing – Not Guilty - @The17thSubject


Signed: @Scarlett, @Eagles, @Rover

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