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is the current lore only being issued to certain members/groups of the community? 

As right now it feels like selctive members and groups are being targetted and the rest of the community left to just crack on. 


as you asked @HoferEVERYTHING to do with the new lore, the lore stories and current in game seems to be aim at a select group of people

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What do you mean by that? Are you talking about the lore masters doing the in game mini events?

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You need to be more concrete and present some examples where you feel this is the case.

If not my answer is no.

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Il give you an official answer after my shift babes xx but i sent you a whatsapp with some details.

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Nope! We randomly select members who are IG and actively playing in order to participate in the random Lore encounters we provide directly. We also enjoy picking people who are actively RP'ing IG together so we can sort of tailor the experience better based on what we can hear and observe. But we have picked on some silent duos or trios, or gatherings many a time before as well.

We do take into consideration groups who do not wish to participate in events though, so if you'd like to not participate let us know. But keep in mind if you're around others who want to experience a encounter, you may have to part ways so they can enjoy the RP and you can avoid it.

If you like to get more involved in the active Lore storyline, then approach people ICly and ask about the events going on currently and play IG. There have been IC Radio Broadcasts that you certainly can take as IC as they are public in the radio broadcasts section on the forums. This active storyline about the murders for example is very much dictated by IC actions and if you want to learn about them or get involved you, yourself, will have to actively seek out people who are engaging on a more progressive personal scale and see how you can also get involved with them, or hell do your own thing regarding it. Maybe you want to start your own path regarding this threat or perhaps you want the threat to continue and wanna stop those who are working toward slowing it down. *shrug* It's all very much up to you! There are many paths to take, and you can get pretty damn creative with how open we're choosing to be. If you're unsure, DM us and we'll hear you out and give you our feedback!

We are not telling players what to do though, that is all player controlled. There are people and groups who are doing what their chars. would do ICly and we have no hand in those personal matters (though we do watch and observe) nor are we telling these players what they should be doing instead or driving their RP toward a specific goal or end.

If we see you IG and online you may be subject to a random encounter or event all for yourself that no one else has yet to experience, something special and whatnot. (Ask the random people we targeted last night, most of which aren't even in official groups, of course only if they decide to share their experiences or make them public.) ❤️

The only requirement is you have to be actively playing the game if you want a random IG encounter from us directly, if that is the question you're worried about. Where we use Tools to make a RP encounter for players.

Though, there are other ways to participate in the Lore from a more backstage perspective as well and if you'd like to volunteer for something, let us know! We love to work with people to make RP enjoyable so if you have a wacky or neat idea you'd think would fit for the Lore or whatever Storyline we're doing DM us! Let us know! We can discuss and see how it can play out.

Have fun out there!

**And if the particular storyline about a serial killer isn't your cup of tea, fear not!! We have others planned and in the works going on atm as well. This one is just the most talked about atm and the one progressing the most as well.

But I'm certain Stags will tell you more in DMs, this is just for others who may have the same questions.

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