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S1 Bad RP - Rapid Steve Appeal

Rapid Steve

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Because we all asked for the staff team to listen to us and again no one has listened to us. I dont know how many times we've all stated that the video was cut and our actual RP was cut out. Its almost laughable at this point as the staff team has STILL failed to even acknowledge it. If you want to stick to your guns here fine but I think every single one of us deserves to know what the staff team is failing to acknowledge a vital part of the report and the fact its taken this long to even get it sorted it a joke in itself as speirs ban was nearly up anyway lol. Why are you all pretending and going along with the story that the interaction you saw on film is the only thing that happened, we didnt leave on a badrp note as we went back within a minute to speak to them. Position logs will prove this. At this point I just want a staff member to actually TELL US they UNDERSTAND what happened because yet again we just got, "yeah video bad rp lol ban!!! :D" Literally how many times do we need to tell you thats not what happened and you know something else, if you lot think we are DEAD WRONG and why the fact we went back moments later doesnt matter, at least fucking tell us since thats all we've been asked from the staff team.

Edit: Just to add on the full taking orders part, as well as max as he will probably say in his appeal we were instructed/ordered to leave the area, as I kinda said before I was expecting someone else to take charge of the situation and speak to the people, this is why I took to leaving. I am hardly even in the video. If we werent instructed to leave asap I would have spoke to the people that arrived on scene but I was doing what was told by my groups leaders. Which btw was not meta, both lucas and speirs said over comms for everyone to start leaving as soon as they saw "503" show up on scene.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Listen to your player base and conduct investigations properly as well as refuting/acknowledging key points made by players. Feels like a kick in the teeth and that we are useless, furthermore by the time this is responded to my ban will be all but over but Ill probably just be banned for something else seen as the staff lately seemed to have been targeting us, specifically with speirs.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Either the unban of myself or at the very least a staff member to actually speak on key points we made and not just ignore everything for the 4th time.

What could you have done better?: Could have had more direct RP at the time when we were walking away but thats what I was instructed to do by my group leader so I did. Figured that was that many of us why should every single person stand around and make idle small talk.

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Greetings @Rapid Steve,

A separate team of admins have taken a look at your appeal and have come to the conclusion to deny it. We understand and have listened to your claims that not every little detail of events that unfolded were shown in the video but that still doesn't change the fact that whilst being spoken to you completely ignored the players trying to roleplay with you and walked off. In addition to this, the staff team can only issue verdicts based on all of the evidence and POV's that we receive and after reviewing all the evidence and verdict at hand we see no reason to overturn this verdict. We would also like to make it very clear that our staff team work voluntarily around the clock to ensure that the community runs as smoothly as possible and the attitude shown towards staff team members is not something that we want to see. We can also assure you that you not being targeted in any way, shape or form and would like to refer you back to original verdict as it includes what you can do in the future to avoid a situation like this from occurring again.

Signed by myself w/ notes

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