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Remove Fun

Ryan Shepherd


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  • Sapphire


I believe fun should be removed from the server, it is effecting my immersion as this is a zombie apocalypse and we should all be upset and bored.

Guns should also be removed as they only cause discomfort!

Who shares my views, please post your comments below.

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  • Event Master

People who have fun should be either banned or permabanned.

Great thread sweetheart.

xoxo your husband.

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  • Diamond

guns are anti fun sticks. 

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  • Media Team

I'm down for this

You know how many times people have ruined my base with fun? shit is fucked 

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  • MVP

Can't remove fun if there is none.

Edited by AndreyQ
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  • Emerald

yes no more fun & please stop blowing up gas stations for fucks sake

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  • Sapphire

Silly you, fun hasn't been allowed here in years.

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  • MVP

No more yelling either. People are trying to sleep in this Zombie apocalypse.

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  • MVP
13 minutes ago, Roman said:

People are having fun? Where????

@Roland what's your stance on fun again?

I'm for removing all weapons just to see how people would initiate and kill each others, should be a gag.

dayz medieval rp

Swords, crusader helmets, improvised metal sheet armor

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  • Legend

No fun allowed

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