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Lore Question


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How does the infection spread? or are the player characters the few percentage that have become immune? I couldn't find anything on it in the lore, and would like to know for a possible character concept I'm working on.

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The lore for the infection was lovingly made by Major, Jules and Chief. Two of whom no longer play here and one who pops in now and then. 

The best info to gather would be from other chars. who worked in tandem with that Lore Team to discover the secrets!

What you would know would be based on what or how much your character has learned from these IG IC Groups. So, if you wanted to work to make a doctor or similar working on the Infection I'd go to these guys and ask what they know ICly and see if you can weave a story in which your own character has become involved or also knowledgeable. The previous point of the infection Lore was to be discovered by IC actions. :3 

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