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[Livonia] Runnin' on a Dream!


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"Greetings, people of Livonia! And Chernarus, if you're somehow picking this up. Name's Lev. If you know me, cool. If you don't, don't care. I'm dropping a friendly little warning to anyone travelling near the town of Gieraltow. There's a man, going by the alias 'Tom Petty', who has robbed several people there. Yes I realize the alias is a song. Anyway, he's a man of above-average height, likely 5'8 to 6'0. He has a really bad habit of coming off as this charismatic Irish 'good old boy', inviting people to sit and join him by his strangely open fire at night. He has black hair, and seems to prefer sportswear, and really likes to shit-talk any subject. Sitting down at it, means you get jumped by his two accomplices according to one of my friends. His two friends are largely unknown, but are well equipped. Should you encounter Tom and his boys, I would advise you to proceed with caution. Should you capture Tom and his boys....send me a private radio communique. Should you kill them, second verse same as the first. I don't really care about people robbing travellers or somesuch, but I have a problem with this dick head using one of my favorite artists' as an alias."

There's a momentary pause.

"Yes, there's a reward in mind."


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