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Server time (UTC): 2023-05-30 21:16

Griefing in Lukow


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Server and location: S2, Barn near Lukow

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not sure wasnt logged

Your in game name: John Long

Names of allies involved: Dale Cooper

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I can screenshot if need be.

Detailed description of the events: My buddy @Fried logged on and tried to open our base with our dial lock but came to realize that the codes were changed. Then he informed me via radio and I logged inside the base to find we were raided and the locks inside were changed as well. I dont mind we were raided its part of the game but now im stuck inside the base and cannot get out until he gets back to log on and get me out.

(Sorry if this report is sloppy but its my first one)

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Missed location
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Connection Logs

17:18:50 | Player "Wick Grimes" is connected
01:08:28 | Player "Wick Grimes" has been disconnected

23:15:13 | Player "John Long" is connected
23:40:19 | Player "John Long"has been disconnected

Position Logs

23:19:49 | Player "John Long" (pos=<4051.2, 12066, 245.0>)
19:09:14 | Player "Wick Grimes" (pos=<4058.1, 12063.7, 244.5>)

Building Logs

19:12:49 | Player "Wick Grimes" (pos=<4058.1, 12063.7, 244.5>) destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw

Calling in the following to post their detailed POV and any evidence they might have.

John Long - @LongEggBoi OP

Wick Grimes - @Babyboy POSTED

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15 minutes ago, Babyboy said:

sorry uhh what do you want from me excatly



Read the OP's post.

Logs showed that you were in the area and destroyed a lock at his base.

Please explain what you did, when you were there, and why you left it however you left. We want your point of view of the situation.

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i hacked two of the guys locks, and by hacked i mean i spent like on hour trying to figure out the combo, i destroyed one of em, after i got in i turned on the lights so that i could see then i grabbed some stuff, i chaneged the code to the locks, because i was planning on coming back, i dont know the time, i was trying to grife or anything like that


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So you changed the locks to MY base and you dont think thats griefing? I was stuck in my base until I logged in today to find the base was destroyed.

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@BabyboyGriefing – NOT GUILTY



@Fried return to the base to find that he could not enter due to the codelock being changed. @LongEggBoi then logs in to find it had been raided and now locked inside due to @Babyboy changing the lock to return at another time.



We understand that this is annoying however changing the code lock and putting it on the gate is not against the rules if it is not done maliciously.  @Babyboy explained in his POV that he was going to return which is why he put the lock on to prevent others from entering the base. However, if this was confirmed to be proven that this act was done maliciously then @Babyboy would have been found Guilty of griefing unfortunately without evidence, we cannot prove this act was done with malicious intent.



@BabyboyGriefing NOT GUILTY

Signed by: @Scarlett, @Eagles

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