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New Life Rule.


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Lets start a discussion about the ''New'' NLR rules.

3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after your death. You also cannot get involved in the same situation that lead to your death, even if it has moved to a different location or 1 hour has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes, game glitches or any other circumstances do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR).


As I agree with most of this rules, there is one part that really stands out and should not be there in my opinion and that is ''game glitches''. Why do mine and others roleplay have to be hindered because of the massive amount of ingame glitches that this game provides? Why do mine and others role play have to stop for at least an hour or get completely ruined? For me this part of the rules make absolutely no sense, if you have 100% picture proof evidence of you dying to a glitch, why can't you return and continue with your RP like nothing happened? I am getting tired of people having to roleplay that I went to take a shit for an hour, having to constantly look at the map to make sure I stay a certain amount of meters away from my ''death'' area, running countless kilometers to friends who died to glitches to give them back their gear and not to talk about all my RP supplies being looted by vultures or magically removed by the gods.

It makes no sense that we as players have to be punished for something we have absolutely no power over. And no, I am not talking about dying to lag or cars, these some could argue that you have some kind of control over those, I am talking about the countless stupid ingame glitches that this game provides, Ones like these (Videos below)

This has never been a problem before, because when the new plugin wasn't a thing, people would just return to their bodies when they died of glitches and I found that to be okai. Most of the player base didn't even break NLR when they clearly could, they only did it when they died to stupid things, like glitches.


So my opinion and suggestions is, let us be able to appeal ingame glitches leading to NLR, with sufficient evidence this should most definitely be allowed. 


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You aren't punished for it if you don't go back and don't break NLR.

Some discussion was had in the announcement held here, as well as here, here.


The most direct one being Roland answering specifically about glitched deaths here.


I see no reason to change how its handled. The reason it wasn't a problem before was people weren't reporting it and breaking the rule collectively. That is a problem, and should never have been done.


The drain on the staff team if we had to start reviewing every single glitched death would be quite frankly ridiculous, and not something I believe would be manageable. Despite there being a clear no, we still get daily requests from people in the helpdesk to teleport them to their bodies, compensate them for lost gear due to glitches, etc, etc.


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I agree with what Rover is saying, I can't even imagine of how many cases of this would happen daily. 

It'd be difficult to regulate and lets face it, the rule was implemented because of those breaking the rule. Now that problem no longer exists. I've heard people complain about the rule, get banned, and say "Oh I never break rules" okay but you did... because you're banned for breaking NLR.  Is the rule a bit unfair in cases... yes. But will the rule change? Probably not. 

Personally I accept and like the harshness on NLR. It's not hard to just shrug and go eh unlucky I guess. Yes you'll miss out on some things but at the end of the day it is what it is. There are bigger inconveniences in this game then not being able to go within 1Km of your death location.  

The only thing I don't like about this is what do you actually RP happened when you meet up with your friends and get your gear back like nothing happened. 

Aside from that i'm glad this rule is a thing, i'd rather those who actually break this rule get caught with a no exceptions policy to NLR then the rule not really be enforceable meaning loads of people get away with serious NLR cases.

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I see that Roland already replied to a ''Ask staff'' and other discussions but that doesn't mean that I personally is happy with the responses or agree with them. I as a player feel like this should be changed due to it hindering roleplay and since it is ingame glitches that people have no control over, I simply can't fathom why people are being punished for it. 

It wasn't a problem before because people don't see an issue with returning after glitches. As I stated I see any other reason that pure glitch death to be punishable, with glitches being that exception.

It would in no way drain the staff team, a few appeals a weak with a singular player involved with sufficient amount of evidence, heck, if you don't feel like watching a 1min clip and reading a few lines, let me do it. It would not drain the staff team in any way, shape or form to spend 5-10mins on a few reports here and there about NLR, these are not MASSIVE 20page reports with multiple people involved, it is a ''This happened'' + ''Evidence'' + ''Verdict'', No discussion, no waiting, no nothing.

I don't see how new players going into helpdesk asking for impossible things has anything to do with this.



I really don't think it would be that many and the majority of them would be a simple in an out case.

It is a pretty easy thing and it is not that I am against the plugin at all, all I am for is the exception of Glitches if people supply sufficient evidence like the videos I provided. Video one is 40 seconds long and clearly shows me getting either stuck in the fence or the ground and being unable to move, there for not making it my fault and in my opinion the NLR ban should be lifted. Second video show the same type of thing, me dying without having control over anything and again, the NLR rule should not apply.

The point here is, it hinders everyone roleplay experience that someone is gone for 1hour, has to RP like nothing happened even though they got no gear and all and so on, I really hope you see my point.

Again, everything other than the glitch part is totally fine in my opinion.

I am not saying this because it would be nice to return to my AK, fuck that, someone else can pick that up and put it in a tent, who cares. This is purely because it hinders roleplay and makes people unable to do anything for an hour, because of something they had no control over.

Things will never change if you sit back and accept it.

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The rule is put in place to avoid situations where you are overlooking your dead body, and so that this instance doesn't hinder RP. 

Simply said, if you have to come up with a reason as to why you died due to a glitch, the reasoning getting stale is upon you, not the rules put in place. 

Nowhere in the rules does it state that you have to RP that you "went away for an hour and took a shit."

Change it up, make something out of it. NLR is there for RP, not to hinder it. The only problem it causes is takes away people's gear, which is fine because you don't need to gear to RP.


Also I might add that the software implemented only flags targets for POSSIBLE NLR. Being within 1000km of your dead body doesn't immediately ban you, it gets reviewed and the staff team decides if you broke NLR or not. If it shows you near your body, you are gonna get hit with NLR. If it shows you within 800km of your body, but doesn't show that you were anywhere near actually looting it, I doubt that staff would ban you for NLR. 

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I really don't see how overlooking your own body hinders RP? 95% people understand and just look the other way and if not, there is like 5 player models, so it could be anyone.

I don't wanna make an excuses to why I magically disappeared for 1hour, turned into a girl, lost the 10 ak's I had on the back and why my dead body is naked on the ground, when I died to a glitch, it ads absolutely no RP value at all. If I died in a firefight, so be it, if I died in a car crash, so be it, if I died to zombies, so be it, this is purely about dying to obvious glitches.

Lets just make something clear here, I never stated that "went away for an hour and took a shit." was specified in the rules? it was added as pure satire, but I guess you didn't get that. They are all satirical examples.

If it was just about gear, I think ALOT more people would just run back, but it is not.

And when it comes to gear, you are so wrong. Having specific items in the game does so much, specific clothing that identifies, certain tools and other RP supplies, like I specified in another one of my replies, I could give less of a shit about losing guns, but you should see me when I lose my cooking pot filled with knives that I specifically collect and use for torture RP. And losing all that to a glitch just makes it even worse.

I know how the system works and that is not the point, as stated above, I have nothing against the plugin, my issue is with the specific part of the rules that states ''game glitches'' and punishes people for trying to play the game and RP when they died to something outside their powers.

I still cannot see why the player base should be punished for glitches or how it does anything but just hinder RP.


What I am suggesting is simple

Make us be able to appeal NLR bans when glitches are involved in it.

If the evidence is short and clear, accept it. If the evidence is insufficient, deny it.

(It should not take a long time.)

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I see where you are coming from, but such a thing would be extremely hard for us too keep track on. Many people broke the NLR rule before this feature was implemented, and the only reason they were never punished is because no one was able to find out, or because no one reported it. Because of this feature it is now virtually impossible to break NLR without being caught, as the server constantly keeps track of where you die and where you are, giving a warning when NLR is being broken.

How are we to know that what you died to was a bug? You could claim that it was a bug, but for all we know it could have also been a fair death due to a mistake or poor choices. There's no real way for us to distinguish a death that happened due to a bug, such as randomly dying in a car, getting stuck on a wall and being killed by a zombie, etc. Even if video evidence was provided, the amount of people that die from a bug is insanely high simply due to the nature of the game, and if we had to start looking at every individual case it would cost us a lot of time. It simply a lot easier to leave it as it is where no matter what you die from, be it a fair or a bug, you are not allowed to return back to your body.

The reason the bans are not appealable is due to the fact that there's no denying it, as the location logs show that NLR was broken. If we were to allowed people to appeal these bans there would be a huge increase in appeals from people claiming that they died to a bug or that the ban wasn't fair, and it would cost us a lot of time to look at all the individual cases.

I've personally died to many bugs. It's frustrating, yes, but it's not that hard to refrain from returning to your body. If I'm with my friends and there are other people around then I simply ask my friends to pretend like I slipped and got knocked unconscious, or something along those lines.

I completely understand where you are coming from, but I personally think that it is fine the way it currently is.

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