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Sam services (open frequancy)


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*Sam sits down, wiping off his radio before pressing his PTT*

"Is anyone out there, me, Toby and Harry are trying to help. Been a little bit lost since winter."

*he would we open a water bottle with one hand.*

"If anyone knows anything about the soup kitchen. Or where them people are please let me know"

*He would let go of the PTT and drink his water.*


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*press the PTT*

People are listening, but I'll respond.  The Soup Kitchen folks migrated to Livonia.  They seem to be doing well over there.  If you are looking for people you can find many in the Berozino area called Ladbrook Grove.  Talk to Lucas or Spiers if you need anything.

*lets go of the PTT*

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*Presses his PTT*

"Hello Brod. It would seem the winter has abandoned you."

*Swigs more of his ice-cold Vodka*

"Everyone seems to have gone and traveled to lands unknown."

*Neatly puts away his bottle, and zips up his bag*

"Eh.. If you ever need a doctor though my friend. Hit this frequency. I'am the wandering doctor Aleksandr Markez."

*He would let go of his PTT*

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*He would hastily press his PTT*

"I would then hope you currently reside in South Zagoria then."

* He would shifts his bag around, while also by the sounds of it, packing a few things up.*

"I can come to you comrade. Just let me know a time, and place. 
 my friend."

*Lets go of his PTT*

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