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are staff above the rules


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Hello staff, I hope you are all well on this lovely wednesday. 


I would like to ask the follwoing few questions. 

I'll start with the first one, are staff above the rules? Please see the link before: 

Jobscholten's post was reported by myself for UN. He then went on to edit his post and then remove it. 

Why is this allowed?

Jobscholten then goes on to say in his feedback thread : "I should not have edited the post and it would be better that I would never had posted this.
But in the end what has been done cannot be undone and I will try to not do these kind of memes again"

So if Jobscholten is saying its done and we move on, why? Why arent the rest of us allowed to edit our posts and avoid warnings?

Was he punished behind closed doors? or is this a minor infraction that staff feel can be looked over?

If so please can I have my caution back? And my warning hostry changed? 

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Staff are not above the rules.

Sometimes we handle cases like these behind the scenes, just like this one. It's not always appropriate to do it publicly, and in this case it was a misunderstanding that caused it. We have however taken the appropriate action to deal with it.

We see what is happening, and we deal with it. The community doesn't see this, but I can assure you that it will be taken care of.

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To add on top of what Hofer said,

Community members are also able to edit their post and/or request their post to be hidden if they feel like their post might be susceptible to breaking a rule or feel like the post is unnecessary, however, such a thing can only be done before a warning for the post has been issued.

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