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Abusive Behaviour - Warning Points


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I am fine with the Verdict. At the end of the day what I did was a rule break, and some messages in what caused me to be banned were unnecessary. However I feel maybe the punishment was a little harsh. 

The reasoning of my messages were actually sent in jest. Me and the person involved had joked about what was in those messages numerous times before, and he had even joked about it IC before when it was an OOC related thing. I am not wanting to report the person who reported me as I'm not a fan of playing tennis and playground games of "he got me banned so i'll get him banned" that isn't me. It seems I was simply reported for spite because of past happenings IC and OOC. They actually taunted me after being banned, but in a passive aggressive way.

However I have seen someone recently in a higher place, be banned for the same thing, and 2 more rulebreaks, it be aggravated and only get a 10 day ban, and 20 points. 

When I was originally perm banned, I ended up coming back from my perm ban after 8 days I believe, and now sit with 25 points from that situation.... 28 in total due to forum warnings in the past.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I am not asking for these points to be revoked in anyway.... Just reduced to a fairer amount (Maybe 15?)  I am a good members of this community and have only ever been involved in 1 report apart from the one that got me banned and was found not guilty. I involve myself as much as possible in RP and not many people will have negative things to say about my when it comes to Role-playing with me. I truly feel on edge all the time as I know certain people will just go out of their way to try and get me banned because of OOC stuff, and it's always so hard to prove that it's OOC motivated. I do not think I will break any rules and get myself banned but it's crappy feeling on edge knowing right know just the tiniest of thing could result in me being removed in a second permanently again, when for the time i've played here i've never caused any problems apart from this one OOC related event that resulted in a "Temp-perm ban"

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Warning points reduced to a much fairer amount

What could you have done better?: As discussed when I was unbanned, I will not be taking part in heated discussions OOC and I will always make sure to keep my anger to myself and not lash out in conversations that can land me in hot water. 

I am also taking part in the Podcast soon with @C-J where I will have chance to speak to higher staff members and talk about what lead to be being banned and reflect on it with staff there to discuss it also.

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This was appealed and handled in a support ticket. You cannot appeal a decision made in an appeal.


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