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[Livonia] The white faced man and his Rabbit season!


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  • Sapphire

*Despite the circumstances everyone's radio crackles to life*

"Hello listeners, I would like to inform whoever hears this that there is a man going around in nothing but black clothing and a white face mask, he may seem friendly at first and try to get you on his side.
But do NOT trust him, if he catches you off guard then you can expect to be knocked out......"

*A short pause can be heard, along with a deep breath*

"This is most likely the man who killed a woman that the R.D.A and a few others found not many days ago, nobody is safe out there, at least not those who are alone.
He mentioned something about me becoming his 20th whatever that means, but instead chose me to be his 'Bait' for the real '20th'."

*Your radio volume suddenly spikes painfully as his voice shattered the quiet before it, rumbling, trembling, almost dangerous as if the man is reeling from his latest encounter*

"Whenever I find you again, I will walk you through every step of the torture you will endure by my hands!"

*He takes a deep breath to calm himself*

"We're not alone out here."

*His voice increases in ferocity as he continues*

"There may be many out there who think they're at the top of the food chain in this world, but this guy is of a different caliber, he's not afraid of any of us, he stayed for a while and toyed with not just me, but those who were with me later on.
So I would say this, someone who revels in someone else's pain and suffering is more dangerous than several people with guns"

*Some snapping of fingers can be heard before he continues*

"Oh yeah he asked about it being duck or rabbit season, and I was told by this man by his note to send his love to a Mr. 'Wulf' from Bogdans Mouth I do believe.
If anyone hearing this knows who I am, do not mention my name!"

*Your radio then goes silent with a click*

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  • Emerald

*With a top of the morning yawn on his lips Wulf chimes in*

"Well, well, fackin well."

*He finishes his yawn, his tone and delivery sluggish*

"He really wants me to figure out what in the fack this Bogdans mouth is..."

"I'l confess I'm stumped on that one thus far..."

"Anyhow, he who shall not be named. Does not want to be named? Or what ever pansy shit you requested regarding your names sake..."

*Realising hes being overly harsh he lights a cigarette and takes a puff*

"Now we are facking close to unravelling this mystery. So I must express the need to meet in person, with the utmost of urgency."

"You say he marked one of yours? Yeah he marked one of ours too."

"And guess facking what mate? He has two more victims to choose before he's gone forever... Stated as much in fact"

"Now you understand the gravitas of why we need to meet"

"So name your place, state your time, I'l be there"

*Wulf Chimes out*

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