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"BadRP" Ban Appeal.


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Banned for being the "Leader" Of A Group because people in the group "BadRP'd"? Are you being serious? clearly EVERYONES pov wasn't taken into account and we all said the same thing, that this wasn't the only encounter we had with him and literally a few mins later we came back after regrouping in the woods and spoke to the OP? i ain't flaming the staff team here but genuinely what the hell sort of verdict is this? it wasn't my fault this happened and i was one of the people that actually did roleplay in the following encounter? i feel as if i have been specifically singled out and this is genuinely so unfair. i don't even own the GP? i aint even the leader i'm a commander of the group, i own the pub which is a sub branch of Ladboke Grove, but im the only one that gets banned and not everyone.. seriously? why would you BAN someone just because they're the supposed leader when im clearly not. literally not fair in the slightest.. what about the guy in the video will he be getting done too for his few spoken words and him meta-gaming in the video telling his friends over discord what was going on? Everyone had literally said borderline the same story yet we get done due to the OP posting a clip of what happened, and his shadow-play suddenly stops working for the second encounter literally mins later? okay.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: AS 8 PEOPLE HAVE ALSO STATED, I WILL SAY MY POV AGAIN. Me and the boys were out looking for a place to host our fightclub which we have been experimenting with (we have made a vid if you haven't seen it) and i remembered with my time at redwood radio in altar there being a sort of arena place nearby so we decide to check it out.. upon coming up to the place we notice someone has built up which was surprising to us because it's a hard place to build i believe and outside was a glitched beamer and truck (they were both inaccessible nor were they movable because of generators being under them) and noticed their gate wide open (STILL WITH THE LOCK ON IT) and so we decided to snoop, being curious. then a man pulls up wearing a 503 armband (to which he's not even apart of) and then we all walk out of the place because it looks bad on our behalf to be inside an open base with a known bandit group pulling up and them being decent enough friends that we would respect their property. most of us (apart from one who went AFK entrusted with us because we weren't doing anything fishy) dipped and regrouped literally in the woods adjacent to the compound where we do a head-check and come back. (this is what the OP failed to mention) and we walk up to Ben North being furiously questioned by this wanna-be 503 member, we exchange small talk and stick around for about 2-3 mins where the convo wasn't going anywhere so i decided to go "is there a problem here then boys?" to which the man went "no there isnt, but who are you?" and to which i replied "It doesnt matter who we are, we know you and that's all what matters." he then asked something along the lines of "where will i find you" and i went "thats the beauty, you wont find us.. if we need you then we will find you. ROUND UP BOYS, WE'RE OUTTA HERE, no more business" and thats when lucas comes up and goes "come on silly ben, get in the car" and we then WALKED away, not jogged or ran, walked to which the OP didn't say a word. and its funny with how little the OP said he wasn't done for bad rp but hey here i am.


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like for the staff team to recognize that this is not an acceptable "verdict", to just ban someone because they're the so called leader of a group when im really and clearly not, just high in command.. I would also like to get myself unbanned so i can get back to playing DayZRP as well as the warning points and character reset being not happening, clearly this isn't a justifiable verdict in the SLIGHTEST. Why should i take a ban for something that EVERYONE in quotation, "Did". I really really fail to understand the reasoning for this ban.

What could you have done better?: I fail to understand what i could do better, borderline since joining this server in october time in 2019, i've conveyed the polar opposite of "BadRP", and fail to see how i am a bad RPer myself. maybe be more grounded in my character i dont know? but my character is a formal reflection of my self, semi projected. i do genuinely believe i am not a bad roleplayer, i literally had an encounter with the OP borderline mins before the report went up and gave him nothing but good rp as he said. however a 5 day ban and 10 Warning points??? not a good verdict DayZRP staff, it genuinely isnt. and im being genuinely honest, i could've engaged with the OP more i will admit, however we did, that one video is clearly singled out and for his shadowplay to suddenly stop working when we come back should be kept in mind for the staff team too, i will admit that encounter was poor, however the fact that he failed to mention the enounter literally mins later baffles me, as well as his recording not working.. also would like to point out how his recording ends when hes speaking to someone, unless he has 4 hands thats kind of hard to do...


I would also like to point out that the OP's shadowplay suddenly stopped working when we approached meer minuets later, purely fucking coincidental however it was working perfectly in the clip shown in the report.. and as well as that he never acknowledges us asking questions about it as seen in the original thread, i think it should be revised and redone. the OP failed to address a vital part of the report and i took the ban, i also have screenshots from the OP saying that he only kept the report up because of the "OOC hate" and that "This Damaged his reputation", as well as the fact that the OP openly admitted that he only put the report up because he got offline raided, but dispite this, were at fault, more specifically me.

As @speirs and company wait for their friend in the car come back from being AFK, @Grayfox and his friends in the sarka come up to the arena. After the car stops and the OP & friends get out, they try to question the group which was previously there. @speirs's group only exchange a few lines which consisted of "You alright friendo." and "Who are you?" After those lines were spoken, the accused party decides it's time to run simultaneously and run off into the tree line, not speaking another word to the OP and friends.

That right there is proof of the disregard, if you guys want proof we went back then please check position logs. WE ALL HAVE MENTIONED SEVERAL TIMES the following encounter literally mins later yet nobody in the staff team, nor did the OP acknowledge this, im surprised how 8 people's strong POV's which all add up isn't good enough, i also feel as if the staff dont really grasp what happened and request they read the POV's again, and also worse yet we received warning points because we were making a solid argument and back up for our selfs...

i also ask why the OP's clear metagame wasn't even delt with, its as if you guys just bit down the verdict tongue and did me because it was dragging on for too long, here is the SS of the OP saying that he only had it for the reasons i said, and as well if you go back to the original post, you can see him openly admit he only did it cos he got offline raided, as well as he kept it up cause of his reputation LOL.



5 Days and 10 warning points is far far far too severe for this.

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The admin team has reviewed your appeal and decided to deny it.

In the video evidence shown in the report you were clearly avoiding roleplay and was too busy listening to chatter on Discord. This is not prioritizing roleplay over OOC things, and we cannot allow this ban to be overturned. 

However, we will make adjustments to the original verdict, but that will be posted in the linked report. We were wrong when only you were punished for BadRP. We will respect your wishes and grant the correct punishments to those who were involved. This will now reflect upon your group, rather than yourself only.

Appeal denied. Report verdict altered.

Signed @Hofer & @Randy

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