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Abusive Behavior WP Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: I do not see this as abusive behavior.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The first time I had said something about her being raped by CJ she had a half reply before she did said something about it. The second time I was purely IC and forgot OOCly due to the 3 hour or so firefight that had taken place between these two events. Though RapeRP is not allowed, I never did acted on that RP. I only accused someone of committing the act. I believe that there was no rule being broken as it wasn't making any 'uncomfortable' roleplay since I was only making conversation and asking questions. I'd further add that it's the same as a streamer asking people not to use racially offensive vocabulary IC and being ignored as it's not a rule break. If you feel we must pander to some subjects that offend people or cause them distress, then you cannot ignore the others. It's just like how people called John Moody a pedophile and rapist, there was no one angry about it then. CJ has been known to be a rapist for months now, I have known OOCly that he raped CocoMii's old character Erica back when they were the Dollar Gang.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of WP

What could you have done better?: Honored her request

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Hello there @HDragon,


A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal, the original report and have reached the following conclusion.

In this situation you were specifically asked by @Georgia Banks not to use the topic of rape when threatening her character however you blatantly ignore this and then go on to use this as a weapon (of sorts) in your "roleplay".

When somebody tells you OOC that the topic of conversation you are on is a sensitive on for them and they ask you to stop, you should stop. You could have quite easily threatened her character in many other ways without even mentioning rape yet you chose not to. The excuse for this behaviour that you posted in the original report was "Her beliefs and values OOC aren't going to change my IC decisions or actions."
This is quite frankly a disgusting attitude to have. When you are roleplaying on our servers your goal is to have an enjoyable time whilst simultaneously making sure those you interact with also have an enjoyable time through fun and engaging roleplay. When somebody tells you that something you are doing is making them uncomfortable, this should be your notification to adjust your approach in the situation however from your reply in the report you basically say that you don't give a shit about their experience and you are not bothered to change your roleplay in order to attempt to make the encounter enjoyable for them. This is the exact opposite of the attitude we want people in this community to have.

In this appeal you bring up the argument that your situation is no different from livestreamers asking others not to use racially offensive vocabulary around them in order not to have their stream flagged or taken down by the hosting platform for such language. This is in fact a completely different scenario to what you found yourself in. A livestreamer can choose not to stream if they do not want such content being shown on their channels as we allow such content because at the end of the day, it is roleplay. @Georgia Banks can not choose to be in the situation she found herself in, with you saying the things you said. She can only ask that you do not use such language and hope that you have the pure common decency to listen to her and adapt your roleplay like any normal person would. Unfortunately she was mistaken and due to your actions the original punishment you received in the report will be upheld and this appeal denied.

With the above stated, the following applies


Appeal Denied.


Signed by @Conor, @Rover, @Inferno & @Eagles

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