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Abusive Behavior


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  • Event Master

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the staff. This is a question mostly for the admin, but feel free to give your 2 cents as well if you wish. So recently a friend of mine was found guilty of abusive behavior, and is currently appealing this. Now I will not argue his appeal here, but I am curious what constitutes, in staffs eyes, as abusive behavior. The reason I am asking is that, if someone finds something offensive in any form, and is asked to stop, are the players they are playing then rule bound to do so?

Let's say I call someone a bootlicking N... well you can fill in the blank. The person I'm discussing it with has personally dealt with racial prejudice in his life, and asks me to stop, and yet I persist. Is this now abusive behavior despite the fact that the communities stance up until this point has been 'if you can't deal with it, then the community is not for you?'. 

Let's say, for a more real scenario, the same happens with a streamer, with people using racial slurs in their presence. The streamer asks them to stop only to be met with it continuing. Is this abusive behavior?

Is someone being called a rapist and pedophile IC for months on end (we all know who I'm talking about), asking several times for people to stop OOC, and yet is continuously hammered with it until the eventual removal of said player from the community then not also abusive behavior?

In short, if some sensitive situations can be considered abusive when encountered in character, then shouldn't all such situations be? Where does staff draw the line?

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  • El Presidente

Abusive behavior can be anything from aggravated flaming (like in your example), to harassment, stalking, interfering in streams, you name it. It's being not nice (abusive) to any of our community members that goes beyond a simple flaming. But of course you already know that ex-administrator Zanaan ?

So yes, if you persist with "bootlicking ..." it can be aggravated flaming or AB.

If you harass streamers, it's AB.

If you spread rumors IC, it's IC. If asking to stop OOC doesn't help, one contacts admins to intervene (can be a case of OOC hate - that is handled in support tickets). I wouldn't call AB in this case if admins weren't consulted.

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