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Schools out.


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*Speirs would press down the PTT*

"People of Chernarus, this is Joshua Speirs.. One of the Figure Heads of Ladbroke Grove. As many of you know me and Lucas Ossas used to be members of the Samaritans, for days we have watched the former glory what is known as the school crumble, the walls are Decaying and and they're becoming a shadow of their former shadow, with most of their group either leaving or just not being around alot. So we have taken it into our own hands and put our own locks onto the school, possessing it until further notice, we at Ladbroke Grove will elect new leadership into the school and get this group up and running up on its feet as it should be, it will not stray away from it's original goals and aspirations, nor will it get into conflicts in the region, and stay neutral. 

We have tried to reach out to their last standing leader with a peace treaty to suit both sides. This was last week. We feel this is the necessary action to put things right and have the people there who helped many in the past come back up and do as intended. This is not to be in anyway hostile. However, we didn’t want to see people’s hard work including our own, go down the drain.

Quick free plug whilst im on air, We are having a voluntary fight club tonight 8pm (GMT). Anyone is free to come down and participate and every two weeks the winner with most KO's/Wins will win a sort of prize. Come down have a drink, enjoy a good show and forget about the troubles of the apocalypse.

In the following Days/Weeks, we will rebuild the school and install new leadership into the premises, using our own bare hands, supplies and sweat, everyone is free to volunteer in the rebuild.

Also, if anyone who knows the whereabouts of Dr Sarah Kim, please get in contact with me, as i want a gift to be passed on, whether that be in Livonia or Chernarus.

As you Were,


*release of the PTT*

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