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Requesting Lore Confirmation. Is this Ok?

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Hello Lore Master and Staff.

I am always happy to create a great RP experience but want to confirm the following information.  the 5.0.3 have recently been busy in both lands and wants to build more up. 
I have an idea of building a drug lab in Livonia, I want to start making a drug lab in the prison in the bathroom start making some crazy ass drug using some left-over supplies. I am happy to provide more details, but my end goal is to learn enough about drugs to start making a dodge version of the drug known as comfort. I what to know what i need to do to get this up and running and to start this new page in life for JJ. 

If possible please can you link the Details on the drugs in game so i can follow the lore. I was aware of white hand drug and Comfort is there more i should know about. 

Your Friendly JJ

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This is about what CJ already dmed me about is it not?

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