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Dungeons and Dragons


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  • Diamond

Thought I would start a thread about D&D. 

What Edition do you play? 

Tell us about your favorite character.

Do you prefer to RP or be the DM?

Tell us your D&D stories.

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  • Diamond

Well, @JJRambow - I have a few guys in my group who want to put together a campaign although we're sticking with official 5e because we have new players and need to keep it simple and fun. @Gregor we have a few new player that want to learn to play, you'd be welcome to join as well. DM me.

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3.5e and 5e ftw! I love to play rogues, monks, and druids. Though, my coolest recent moment was on a dwarf paladin. Martyr'd myself to buy time for the party to escape a dragon's lair with a quest item. The DM basically res'd me after some light RP where I met my diety, but I was burned and disfigured. My ic brother was a blacksmith and crafted me new armor with a mithril chain beard attached to the helmet since I could no longer grow hair of my own. Was fun flavor for the rest of the adventure.

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  • Sapphire

Started with "The Red Box" and played everything but 5.0


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